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  1. Edge is a piece of garbage, so is windows 10 btw. Things to do if you want to bother: Disable Windows integrated firewall + antivirus and uses that of a pro (if possible) antivirus software. Turn OFF integrated VPN, uses your own, bur be aware its default settings will come back at every reboot (more intrusive you can't do), I haven't find a way to disable it yet but as early as I know how to do I will post. In the services menu, turn OFF everything you do not use, it is top heavy when it comes to programs running without you knowing and it slows the whole system down (memory), it's NOT really game player friendly. In short, I find Win 10 slow and really not user friendly. Be aware, you need to tune it to your own tastes to make it work for you, otherwise it works for Microsoft and other companies that have access to your PC like Xbox, and other commercial gadgets. http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/windows-10-settings-to-change
  2. Is there a specific release for Windows 10?
  3. Good information here... https://picasaweb.google.com/109915371251354495235/LeBourget2011?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  4. What i would like to do is to model a Rafale C/M cockpit, but i will have to team up with someone for this in order to integrate existing ejectable seats... I have been working on a Mirage F1 but lost my files to a H-D failure and haven't been doing 3D for some time but it was my job, modelling for a company working in the advertising business. I think i am pretty well documented for the 3D model, the rest (texture, programing etc) is yet another matter. If you are up to it technically, i mean to put together something as smooth as the original F-4/F-8 in SF2, then let me know. Cheers.
  5. If it looks as smooth as the stock F-8 then it's OK. Some cockpits doesn't look that good compared to it, reason why i love flying the F-8.
  6. F-8E(FN) Crouze & F-8P(FN) Crouze Prolongé

    OK! Thanks for you reply!
  7. F-8E(FN) Crouze & F-8P(FN) Crouze Prolongé

    What is TW DLC?
  8. Reeason for my request. Let's say the squadron (remaining/undamaged aircrafts) lands = MODETURNAROUND. Ten minuts later it's ready to take off. Now that would be more realistic and allow for multiple missions to be carried over on the same target/area. Cool no?
  9. LOL! Considering the rates at which the Rafale programme goes, you'll be busy for some time!
  10. You'll need to update a few things before release: http://www.mbda-systems.com/products/air-dominance/ddm-ng/16/ http://www.mbda-systems.com/mediagallery/files/ddm_ng_ds.pdf
  11. The Cobra Maneuver

    Correction, Gripen AoA was 80* with a rotation rate of 90*/sec which is higher (AoA) and faster (rotation) than what an X-31 would do using TVC.
  12. The Cobra Maneuver

    That's a nice theory, apart for the fact that it is extremely costly in energy and that an aircraft like the Rafale achieves superior turn rates (both inst and sust) than a X-31 without needing been in post-stall, i saw Yves Kerhervé doing two high AoA 360* on Rafale M at Farnborough after a vertical climb just following take-off easily beating the Flanker change of attitude and with energy to spare (altitude). PSM were explored by the French ONERA and IPNER with both Rafale A (Simulation) and C (prior to high-AoA tests), and for those who already doesn't know, both Rafale and Gripen are perfectly capable of PSM. Examples: (1) (2) The detailed example above goes for Gripen; note the perfectly controlable Yaw-axis rotation (ailerons) that could be started and stopped at will at 90* AoA, this is due to inherent high-AoA control qualities of the close-coupled canard impossible without TVC on X-31/Sus and F-22. As for Rafale the results of the tests are still classified today but i can disclose a coupled of details; it was flown during mock-up combat vs Mirage 2000 at airspeed as low as 18kt and was still perfectly controlable passed 100* AoA/40 kt negative airspeed (and as i said; previous to IPNER high AoA tests, thus with all the FCS stops off). Post-stall maneuvers are as old as aviation itself, one learn to control stall before learning to land (well, at least in my school we did). There are reasons why PSM maneuvers aren't used by France (i'm not sure about Sweden so i'll skip this one): First weapon separation is problematic due to low speeds and adverse aerodynamic conditions. Second, not every squadron jockey can handle them, risks of spacial disorientation are high. Third, what you need to win the fight it as high a level of energy as possible (unless like in a Rafale, you can handle low speeds and turn inside your opponent with ease). If your jet can turn an instant 90* like a Rafale does, pull 11G (like they do in airshows) or turn a high-AoA (but still FCS limited) 360 faster without being post-stall, then your level of energy depletion is kept much lower and you will stay in controlled flight at all time even with assymetric loads. IPNER role is to explore aircraft qualities in combat situations, they pushed the Rafale at higher AoA than X-31 could achieve due to better aerodynamics, performed cobras and J turns, control-flew it at "impossibly low airspeeds" but their conclusions were that a good AAM (and MICA can be fired BACKWARD, using remote targeting for cueing or even SPECTRA) is preferable in combat situation.
  13. Adverse yaw and the F-4

    Something else; something one learns from the very first flight: Never use the ailerons at high AoA/low speeds but the rudder instead. One particular reason is that in this part of your flight envelop, you are close to stall, using the ailerons will increase wing camber in one side and decrease it in the other side therefore increasing the stall speed in the second wing, so with an aircraft with this sort of characteristics, you'll either avoid this part of its flight envelop or turn with the rudder instead of the ailerons. What you want in any case is to avoid assymetric stall.

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