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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn

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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn

SF2E: The Scandinavian Front

Operation Isbjörn 1.3 Stand Alone.

By The Scandinavian Front Team.


Special thanks to gillg and Wrench.


In 1956, diplomatic talks about the Baltic Sea region between Finland, Sweden and the Soviet Union broke down. Angered and afraid of

NATOs influence in Scandinavia, The Soviet Union demands that Finland and Sweden joins the Warsaw pact to ensure the borders of the

Union. Both countries refuse. On October 1th, the Soviet Union deploys forces to force the countries into the pact.


Sweden, Finland and Norway set condition Isbjörn, activating an alliance against Soviet Agression and rallies to defend Scandinavia...


Installation Instructions:

Simply unzip it all into your mod folder. I would advise you to use a clean installation so there is as little risk as possible

for errors. This mod does not overwrite any original data and can be used alongside any Central Europe themed mod Campaign - in theory.


If you own Strike Figthers 2 Israel, unzip the "Install_if_you_have_SFI_Exp1" file into the mod folder as well, and allow any overwrites.


This can be used as stand alone or to patch earlier versions of Operation Isbjörn.

Important Notes:

SF2 Europe is a requirement. Preferably, use a fully merged installation.

The Terrain itself is not very combatible with the other games, hence the requirement.


While the DLC 008 Hawker Hunter is not required, its strongly recommended for this campaign.

If you have the A-21R from A-Team Site, This campaign has a squadron that flies it - if installed.


Kindly report any bugs or issues to me by PM or in proper thread.


1.3 Additions:

A 32A Lansen (Early)

The Lansen have been reskinned and revamped completly. Feels different, acts different, looks VERY Different ! A must try!


The Vampire:

J-28B Vampire and the finnish "Vamppi" is now flyable for people without Expansion Pack One. They are not as good looking

as pauls versions, but they are a good substitute for the AI.


Also included are many fixes and twists as well as some bug fixes. Enjoy !



J-29F Tunnan by Wrench

A32A 3D model by Timmy.

Martin Baker Mk GW5 Ejection Seat by Ravenclaw_007.

Swedish RB Missile Set by Ravenclaw_007.

SF2 updates by NeverEnough.

M123 Photoflash Bomb from Bunyaps Weapons package - thanks to whoever made it.

Swedish Weapons by Ravenclaw 007 & Timmy

Cavalier Class Destroyer by Wrench

F-86K (Early Model) by Bunyap, Fubar512

F-86K RNAF skins by Paulopanz

Finnish Air Force Decals by Spinner

Avia S-99 by Monty CZ

Komar Missile boat by Pasko

Yak-25 by Pasko, SF2 and historical corrections adoptation by Paulopanz

SF2 Adoptation of Komar by WhiteBoySamurai.

Sweden terrain by gillg

J-28B Vampire by Paulopanz

J-28B Vampire sounds by Spillone104

J-33 Venom Skin and cockpit by Paulopanz

Tu-4 by Monty CZ, Wrench & LindR

Il-28R by Paulopanz

A-29B, J-29A, J-29E by Paulopanz.

Riga Class Frigate by WhiteBoySamurai.

J-28B Vampire (Standalone) by Knug, Vampire(Standalone) by Pasko.

Lansen Skins and adjustments by Paulopanz.

Unified Effects Pack 1.1 by Stary

Ground Effects Collection by SF

Better Widesky for SF2 by Cellisky and Insky_orsin

Alternative Cloud layer 1.0 by SF


Submarine and Patrol Boat by Unknown. If anybody know who made these, kindly let me know so I can enter their names into the Readme.


I wish to thank all of above for making this possible, and for helping me out where possible. If I have forgotten anybody, its not intentional and will be corrected. Just drop a line in PM.


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I found a critical bug in the ground war.


A fix is being uploaded, but I would suggest you wait until you can download OpIsbjorn13GW.7z that contains both that fix and a few minor ones.

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...and sent for approval. I seriously hope that is the last bug with the cursed ground war - I wish you could tell the game just to use what it had :D - but now the AI should not stall too much. The bug I found pretty much meant there would only be one battle, then the invasion would stall completely.


Let me know if you find more.

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What's New in Version 1.4 (See full changelog)


- Added Effects by Stary, SF, Cellisky and Insky-Orsin.

- Terrains updated to latest package. TSF can now be installed in any order you like

- Menu Screens and Loading Screens added

- Minor bug fixes.

- Updated J28B Vampire

- Added Pauls DLC Improvement Package for J 34 Hawker Hunter

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