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snapper 21

Ship & Weapon Question

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Hi All


As the new SF2 NA is coming, I have been playing with different ships, and have noticed that flying along at 3000 ft some ships don't engage me with missiles till 3 nautical miles after there guns have already fired.


I am using waterworld terrain and the CGN-25 USS Bainbridge with RIM-2E missiles.


Is this just a game thing at the moment, or do I need to do some ini editing? If so what are the units for radar range and missile launch range in?


USS Bainbridge, is only an example, I get it with other ships as well. The Tico cruiser seems to start firing as soon as I have taken off! Though I havent been hit yet at that range.


Thanks for any info, ideas


Snapper 21

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It depends on both missile and groundobject parameters, and on skill levels. The latter is adjustable in the .msn file (easy if you have the ThirdWire mission editor).

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