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  1. Ravens beautiful Hurricane MKIIc
  2. Next time you get a bright idea, Jack, put it in a memo!
  3. On the bridge the executive officer was as nervous as he would ever get.
  4. For a flight SIM, I spend a lot of time look at ships!
  5. Hi Menrva I was not cutting, but using the erase tool. I am seeing this in photoshop and gimp but not paint. So on the left below is the file I uploaded, on the right is your file. I am only guessing but as there seems to be a layer of green behind the whole image I thought the program thinks the carriers can go everywhere? Cheers Snapper21
  6. Hi Menrva I think the problem with carrier ops is the water bmp. I am not an expert in photoshop but on the water bmps that work for me if I delete the red and black as a check I get a white background. If I do the same on the one in your folder I get a green background. TKs Iceland has a white background. I have attached the water bmp I had in the previous Libya terrain and have not seen ships on land so far. Cheers Snapper21 LibyaCM_WATER.7z
  7. JGSDF Vehicle Pack 1

  8. A-6 Superpack


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