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  1. JGSDF Vehicle Pack 1

  2. A-6 Superpack

  3. Hi acesfakia Could you not use OH Perry 82 as the base and hang new 3d turret of the phalanx? Not sure if its too high though? Cheers Snapper 21
  4. Thanks acesfakia have started with the Harpoon missiles then going to do the Tomahawk after that.
  5. With a quick test skin.
  6. Hi acesfakia Thank you very much for the model, I will give it a go. Cheers Snapper 21
  7. Hi acesfakia I was hoping for just the top of the MK158 so that I could place it on the ship as a false missile. Just so it has more depth than copying whiteboy samurai vls from his ships that I have done below. But yes you are right I should have found some more info. Cheers Snapper 21
  8. Hi All I was just wondering if anybody had the time to make me a MK 41 VLS launcher to go on TW Spruance 82? I have cleared the deck space for it. Cheers Snapper 21
  9. I had this on the Libya terrain, as this was looking at the Desert cat I copied WaterTextureMaterial and matching Texture entries in the desert ini file into the Libya data file. Not sure if its the quickest or correct way of doing it,but it works for me. Cheers Snapper 21
  10. Hi riccisj All I copied from Razbam was the cockpit folder and the COCKPIT.ini file. Each plane ini file needs the \\ removed from the CockpitDataFile so CockpitDataFile=A-6E_COCKPIT.ini instead of \\CockpitDataFile=A-6E_COCKPIT.ini Cheers Snapper 21
  11. Another beauty for the fleet. Thank you.

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