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A few ideas for P4 or a quick BH&H fix

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Been flying about an hour or two most days now and thought of what was lacking, but easily fixed.


My early duty stations in the USAF ( 1954 to 60 ) were with the 366th FBW, 51th FIW, and the 52th HBW, and being a Rescue/Survival Specialist.

Teaching the crews in the field for several days or picking them up after they "hit the silk" put me in a unique position to hear a lot of very good

stories and tall tales. Those involving combat most always revolved around a weakness of the enemy plane.

They always wanted more information on what the enemy airplanes strong and weak points were. The old hands told of how they delt with the Mig 15

during Korea and the intel officer would offer up what he had heard about other planes.


We lack this information in the duty room, need a "pilots lounge" were information is exchanged about the enemy planes you may face.

Can it out turn ourplane, climb rate, one gun or two, and what ever else is needed. It would make very interesting reading.


The squadron duty board list each flight assignment for the day along with the call sign and other information. Every one knows who is with them---

but to be sure no one knows any ones middle name. After returning the flight leader and his flight members sit down with the Intel. officer to report

on what action they saw and confirm or not just who did what. Other flights could offer up what ever they observed. An of course no conformation no kill.


Filling out the report,for me, is way to much paperwork . Why should I copy down each flight member on a piece of paper so I can fill out the report when all is needed

to say "My Flight Members". A better method would be to automaticaly place the names at the top and then let me fill in the events as they happened.


Just my dimes worth

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I suggest a drop-down menu containing a list of your squadron mates names that you can access while filling out the claims form. That would be boffo!

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:cool: My wing mates are just Fokker Fodder so the names dont mean much. However, I remember and old Avalon Hill Board game ( something about a Sherman Tank ) and B-17 the mighty 8 approach with fondness. It seems you would list fellow Tankers/ aircrew as people U knew so it became kinda personal. For example, I named my grandpa as a Tank driver and when we ran over a mine destroying the Drivers compartment and Track, I felt kinda bad for a second. On the other hand, I named my tail gunner after my 1st mother in law and when a 109 took her out I thought mmmmmmmmm Kinda cool. :blink:

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