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Some good insights to read here. Astro thread about souls seeing the stars for the first time and panicking.


Seeing a dark sky actually frightens some., at teh Cloudy Nights forum.



-- Stars are like breakers on an ocean beach -- an inhumanly powerful, terrifying force.


I never thought of it like that. Another one...


-- I have forgotten the attribution, but it has been said that (paraphrase): "Life for most people consists of transiting between the insides of cars and buildings". :rofl:


And somebody brought up Asimov's book Nightfall. Brilliant.


I always knew that Ancient souls knew the stars, cos they had to, for farming, navigation, religion, etc... Reminds me of when I moved from Mississippie to Flawrida and started salt water fishing for the first time. There was something, a social/cultural norm, they called a "tide chart" in the form of a plastic wallet card, like those bank debt cards. All the yahoos carried their tide cards in their wallets, like a male acceptance thing. Knowing where the moon was in the Earths' orbit, cos I always watched the sky, I never bothered to get a "tide chart" but I always showed up on time, in my freshwater mississippie truck, when the Blues were running in winter. Teh yahoos had no clue how I could do this, although some clicked with the reason and loved the idea. Nobody ever told em. :good:

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Nightfall is a superb story, one of the good Drs best

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