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Hi! I'm building my own cockpit and I would like to know if there is any way to export instruments data to an external monitor.


I've read, that SF2 dos not support a secondary monitor, so I would like to know if could be possible use an external app that captures some data, for example altitude, speed, MDF data...


I'm .NET developer so if you can tell me any way to do something like this (accessing shared memory for example) I could develop my own app.



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You would have to reverse engineer the game to figure out how to access the necessary values in memory. I don't believe anyone has done this, yet. But I see no reason why it couldn't be done if you are good at monitoring programs while they are running. I am sure there are a few people who would like to see you figure this out. I would certainly benefit from it :)

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I've been making some attempts but I've realised something. There are some memory address with the same values, I think this is because there are some data that can be found in some different places. For example:

Altitude can be found in HUD, altimeter (some cockpits have more than one)


Could be possible use a cockpit without any instrument? This make lot easier this job.




PD: looking for any cockpit.ini you can se something like this:











What I need is to know the memory address where is stored for each one of this variables.

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