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F-4E-2020 Terminator (TuAF) v1.0

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F-4E-2020 Terminator (TuAF) v1.0

Turkish Air Force F-4E 2020 Terminator v1.0 by pureblue



54 Turkish F-4E Phantom II aircraft were upgraded by IAI to the 2020 Terminator spec and went into service in the year 2000.


The most radical changes occurred in the avionics department. All 2020s have been fitted with vastly updated suite, including MFDs (multifunction displays) as standard, and incorporating a number of new technologies. new Kaiser El-OP 976 wide-angle HUD and HOTAS system, high performance Elta EL/M-2032 ISAR-capable high-resolution SAR/GMTI (ground moving target indicator) multi-mode fire control radar (developed for the IAI Lavi), IAIC mission computer, new navigation equipment including GPS/INS connected to mapping mode, dual MIL-STD-553B databus managing avionics package, Astronautics Central Air Data Computer, new UHF and IFF packages, airborne video tape recorder (AVTR), Elta EL/L-8222 active ECM pod and Mikes (Aselsan) AN/ALQ-178V3 passive embedded SPEWS, and RWR.


Additionally they had AGM-142 Popeye/Have Nap integration.

Pave Spike pods were continued to be used for laser designation.

Also many structural improvements were implemented.


Only Air to Air weapon is the Sidewinder missile. Sparrows are not certified on Terminators.





You must have SF2 and the stock F-4E_78

Drop the contents of the package into your MOD FOLDER.

Objects folder contains, Aircraft, Decals, Weapons and pilots

Flight folder contains RWR symbolgy and LITENINGsightW.tga

Sounds folder contains, Spillones J79 engine sounds.




The model is based on Thirdwire's F-4E_78.

The skins are a slight rework of Sundowner's awesome Terminator skin.

Cockpit and avionics files from MF F-4E AUP mod.

Sounds by Spillone.

Data.ini, Loadouts, and screens by me.




TARPS_TUR, Long Range Photo pod project named TARPS, should be available starting 2012

AGM-142 POPEYE Missiles

Durandal, should be scarcely available by now but still included as extra loadout option

GBU-10,GBU-12 Paveway I-II LGBs.

AGM-65A/B and D/G Maverick missiles

Rockeye, CBU-24, Mk82/83/84 and other general purpose bombs

Matra Durandal Anti-runway bomb

AIM-9P-3 and AIM-9M Sidewinders

AN/AVQ-23A/B Pave Spike

AN/ALQ-119 ECM Pod

Elta EL/L-8222 active ECM pod (NOT included in mod, WIP)





CREDITS (Thanks!)


Model by Thirdwire

Skin by Sundowner

Cockpit and Avionics by Mirage Factory

Sounds by Spillone

TARPS pod based on IAI_ReconPod from 331KillerBee's Ord.ShopII

Other weapons from various Combat Ace modders and KillerBee's pack

AGM-65G by Ravenclaw

RWR Symbology from various modders

INI/Skin/Weps/Loadout edits by Pureblue

Combatace Fair Usage policy applies. Nothing can be used in a payware or website exclusive



Pureblue (Umut Destan)



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Nice work as always Umut good.gif

That makes another plane available for the Anatolian campaign project.

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great job!


one small tweek....


due to the use of painted on markings, add this to the bottom of both decals.ini.












painted on markings will NOT activate the Nation's name on the loadout screen, and this will fake it out!

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