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Infantry Units

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Infantry Units

I have created 10 new infantry units for First Eagles. They are all pretty much identical except for their helmets and uniform colors. Each unit is a five man squad (three riflemen and two runners.) The units will move around and the riflemen will aim and fire independently.


I have created a dust effect for when they are moving and I've created a gunshot sound for their rifles. The rifles are based on Peter01's rifle data, with my sound effect and a few other minor changes. All the Entente units use the Lee Enfield rifle, and all the Central units use the Mauser.


This download includes infantry units for: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Russia, America, Australia, and Turkey.


I couldn't bring myself to kill the poor guys, so they just disappear when they get shot.



My thanks to Heck and Geo for leading the way!

Thanks also to Peter01 for his original rifle data files.



Installation Instructions

Unzip the file and copy the units you want from my GroundObjects folder into your FirstEagles/Objects/GroundObjects folder. Copy the sound file "InfantryRifle.wav" from my Sounds folder into your FirstEagles/Sounds folder. Copy the dust effect "RunningInfantryEmitter.ini" from my Effects folder into your FirstEagles/Effects folder.


Follow the instructions for installing the guns and sound in the two other instruction files included with the download.


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