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Head movement mod

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Still here, rabbiting around the download files...and found this gem:




I somehow missed this, hidden away in the SFP1 section. Never heard or read of it before, but it really makes a difference to handling the SE5 and emphasises the effectiveness of the collating Aldis gunsight...so much so, I've posted it here, in case others have missed it too.

There are several other FE files in that section of the downloads also worth checking out.


Cheers Grinseed.

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Cheers - will give this one a go; tho I quite like the current degree of head movement and the stall buffet effects already in FE/FE2, which are one of the things FE has that I wish OFF did; makes it seem much more like you're flying and doing so in a 3-dimensional machine, rather than sitting at a monitor looking at a flat projection of your cockpit. Makes the world of a difference IMHO.

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G'day 33Lima.


At least one WW1 pilot, probably Cecil Lewis, commented how it seemed almost impossible to be able to shoot down an enemy aircraft with the wild manouevring, the shudderings and vibrations of the engine and the guns, the solid buffeting of the wind and slipstream and the elements in the open cockpit and the general excitement and discomfort of the encounter.


This little mod just ratches the difficulty up a notch, away from that 'flat projection' aspect you mentioned. It makes things a little more challengingly difficult.


I should mention the mod, a mere two line modification and easily edited out if necessary, affects all aircraft, not just the SE5, which I mentioned only because it makes sense of the use of the Aldis.


I also suggest the following setting for the SE5_Avionics data







which I find almost eliminates the magnification.


Cheers Grinseed

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