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Albatros D.V-D.Va default skins WiP

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Some time ago I started working on some skins for my favorite WWI plane:

The Albatros D.V!

(You may visit my Jasta 37 WiP thread in SimHQ for further details)




From the template created, I tried to make some new generic default skins for the D.Va in RoF,

in order to address many mistakes the current defaults have.

One thing led to another and now I'm in the making of a brand new "Johannisthal Mod", for the D.V-D.Va (and not only)

like the one we created with Graf and JFM for the D.III.

I've been studying to death old pics and contemporary research essays, about the hue of the colours used originally

and tried to best adapt all these into RoF's world...

I have to say I feel pretty pleased with my results... :)


This Mod using a new, modified "universal" normal map, will give as accurate as possible, (within RoF's 3d model's limitations),

external models for practically any D.V-D.Va variant.

(the FM will remain the same, only the looks will vary).


Here are samples of what I have so far:


Albatros D.V camo






Albatros D.V lozenge






Albatros D.V hack details






Albatros D.Va camo






Albatros D.Va lozenge






Edited normal map underside detail on D.Va




For further details of how this project evolved and some more pics you may visit my SimHQ thread:




Your comments, objections, corrections are always welcome... :salute:

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Very nice work. You have a lot of talent and an amazing eye for detail :good:

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Thanks, Baxter I'm trying my best for my favourite plane...

Apparently, I've discovered an error in my RoF D.V hack.

I had those bottom wing access hatches eliminated from the D.V, assuming that they were

aileron cable inspection hatches...

but a magnification of Theodore Rumpel's Jasta 16b machine, revealed that the hatches were actually present and painted sky blue like the rest of the lower wing.

Don't you see them too?

I have to restore them back... :this:





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Hi guys,

I found some spare time last week and worked the Albatros D.V mod.


Look how the new corrected footstep looks in game:






I put some more work on that updated template during the weekend and made finally, the correct early model's nose planking:








The universal normal map works just fine don't you think?

I finaly settled up on the camo colours and created a D.V Mod for JSGME with all the new normal map.

I have added more Generics to the Mod (all the Jastas that first received the D.5, according to PWCG), incorporating the updated template.

I think that in a couple of days I'll be able to release a beta...

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