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Speedfan ... ? anyone have/use it?

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trying to get a little more cooling


for some reason, my GPU seems to overheat occasionaly (yes, I keep the case interior as clean as I can...*), and I loose video (SF2 stilll running ... just no vid)

want to try and change the fan 'stragety'


So, anyone use it, and how to configure?



*unless this is a GTX240/Dell issue???

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I have used Speedfan in the past and did not really notice a difference (but then I was not having any overheating problems on that particular PC).




What you might want to do to test what ever it was that you are having overheating problems on, is taking off the side of the PC and blowing a floor fan directly into the PC on you open side. If that stops the overheating, you either have a fan that is not working on one of the components or the fan could have come loose from what ever it was suppose to be cooling (that problem I did have). I have also had the problem of one of the heatsinks on one of the GPU components come loose and that was causing the GPU to overheat and stop working.

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