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OK, I am not going to go to SF2 at this time. Too much work, computer won't die, and I am thinking of a dedicated XP box, going forward.


WoV/WOE, will join a handfull of other games, going to the dedicated box.


Sooo, I thought I would REALLY punish myself for this decision, and resurrect, my old Prop Fighters :yikes: folder, and start messin with it again. :rofl:


So, I need advise, on whether BoB is viable. If I download the big mod, does it include everthing I need to get started. (i.e. rather than downloading bits and pieces, which is what I usually do).


I know the terrain was made by Gephard, and while I don't wan't to sound desparaging, I am sure I will re-tile the thing if it doesn't use WOE tiles.


I will also cut the targets way back, but lets wait and see on that. (this is the real punishing part) :grin:


Can anyone recommend a good course of action for immplementing this era of flight simming. (i.e. don't say CFS3) :yikes:

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NO ! WAIT ! :rofl:


I was just over at the download section, and it seems there is a MODERN version of this terrain. :good:


Sooo, I downloaded that, and the good news is it does use some of the GermanyCE terrain tiles.


The bad news, well it renames these tiles with desert tile names, and reverses their "polarity", etc. (Kinda creepy)


So retiling the terrain will be more of a pain, but it is doable, and me thinks I will get started with this a blow the WWII stuff off.


OK, I have a new project, should keep me busy for several month's. :good:



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My BoB terrain include all tiles you need. Why do you want to retile it? Of course you can do it, feel free to make your own mod. but i think it is not really neccessary.

BoB terrain it is written for SFP1 desert terrain, but with the line

CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat in the BoB.ini

you can use it in WOE without problems.

The same is with the modern times BoB terrain.

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Hi Gephard !


Don't worry, it only took a couple of hours to re-map the data file. Your terrain is great, I just have this thing about using "my texture set", which is an expanded WOE, etc...


Couldn't find many cities when I was flying over. I think I saw Paris and London. :blink:


Anyway, thanks for all the great terrains over the years. :good:


I am gonna put in some of the german and soviet air bases, and did you know this terrain is flatter than a tortilla. I started looking through my back-up files, and it seems I saved a HFD from long ago that matches this terrain. It probably came from one of the earlier versions.


Once I finish the airbases for BoB (in this case East Germany vs Britain), I am gonna re-tile modern Libya. I discovered just today, that the texture list I used for Israel works exactly with Libya too. What a surprise.


Cya, and thanks again,





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Too LATE :rofl:


Don't worry Wrench, when I mod one of your terrains, I generally start by deleting everything but the hfd, tfd, and ini files. :blink:


It mainly just saves me from obatining the hfd from the dem files, a savings of approximately 20 minutes. :dntknw:


It doesn't look all that bad, either. The colors are all wrong, but it was that way with a lot of the older tile sets.


I didn't know you had your policy. :yikes:



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NO WAIT ! :rofl:


I lied, its not really a pic from Libya. Its a pic of Nibiru. :grin:


In 9 months or so, its all gonna be over.

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