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golden eagle

Halberstadt CL.II?

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I did a search and didn't find anything but I am a relative newbie here.... has a flyable Halberstadt CL.II ever been available as an add-on to OFF? I wanted to fly a career as a gunner in a two seater for the novelty of that experience so of course I selected Gottfried Ehmann the top German gunner/observer ace of the war. He flew with SS-15 but unfortunately his most productive time was when SS-15 was flying the Halberstadt CL.II and that time is not availble in a career since the aircraft is not available. So that is my question.... can I make it available via an add on?


If not... anyone know if there is plan for more 2 seaters in OFF2? Maybe I just have to be really really patient and wait until then?



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You'll have to be patient, eagle, no Halberstadt C.II yet.

In OFF II there will be an Aviatik (I think it is). But since the devs are working mouth wide shut,

we don't know - perhaps they are working on other 2seats? Or maybe they'll make them for the

next add-on for OFF II ?

There is definitely hope for you. If you watch the preview movie, you will find a roster with Kasta

and Ss-Staffeln. And those battleflyers need a battle aircraft. So - who knows?

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