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Sorry if this has been asked before

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Hi community,


Been away from the SF2 series, but I am back!


Have done my installs of WoE, WoI, and SF2, and also added a few nice aircraft (Thanks to all the modders) :-)


Just need a few questions answered please:



1. What is the best desert terrain to replace the stock Strike Fighters one?


2. There was an awesome cloud/atmosphere set for SF1, is there anything similar for SF2?


3. Same as No 2. but for explosion effects.


4. I've seen lots of talk on the forum about a YaK-38. Do we currently have one or not?


Once again, sorry for what might be simple questions, and apologies for my absence.







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Here's number 1 and 3. All in one pack: http://combatace.com/files/file/12590-sf2-reloaded-community-mod/


Here's number 2: http://combatace.com/files/file/12737-sarcasm-slightly-artistic-representation-of-clouds-and-sky-mod-v-12/


There is an official Yak-38 in the new Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic. It's AI only though.

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