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3W A-6E TRAM Upgrade Kit

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3W A-6E TRAM Upgrade Kit

A-6E TRAM (aka "A-6E_79) Skin/Ini UPgrade Pak

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged Required; and/or SF2:NA -ONLY!!- =


Again, as stated above this is for the stock 3rdWire A-6E_79 ONLY!! If you do not possess SF2NA, DO NOT download this mod, as you will NOT be able to use it.


Some adjustments, tweeks and General Fiddling With ™ for the new SF2NA A-6E TRAM. The package includes a new skin, in Lo-Viz Gray for VA-75 "Sunday Punchers", circa 1990s


Several inis are included (data, loadout, avionics, main ini*), but NO COCKPT or cockpit ini is included -- you must locate and install these yourselves! The data and loadout inis have been adjusted to include LGB capabilities, a built in laser designator. Wingfold and canopy operation are controled via manual animation keys. Wingfold uses the Shift/9 and the canopy the Shift/0 keystrokes.

I've included a main ini, with the cockpit line left blank, so you can insert whichever cockpit ini name you're using. Weapons (in particular the Navy GBU-10D_N is NOT supplied. It comes from the GunnyPak, so having that would be good idea....)


New Hangar & Loading screen are included, as is a new loadout.tga for use on the Loadout Screen. The Loading Screen is actually a jpg conversion of the original 1stGEn bmp for the old TRAM.


The new skin was created from a "Home Grown Templates" ™, with many new decals. Others are stock items. Decal randomization is set to TRUE. The skin is "clean", as all markings are decals, making it a simple matter to create other squadron users. (the mid-fueslage slimer is part of the skin map)

A "StartDefaultDate=" line was NOT added, as doing so would limit you to ONLY this one skin (locking out the Gull Gray/White skins). As more Lo-Viz skins are created, it's reccomended that the actual transistion to Lo-Viz year be discovered, and added to this and any subsuquent new skins. A simple text edit of the textureset ini and adding said line to this skin's listing the A-6E_79.ini.

On the Numbers.lst, those Modex marked with a star (*) have their actual BuNums when assigned to this squadron. The others, rest assured, ARE real A-6E BuNums.


The templates will be uploaded seperately to the SF2/Tools & Utililties section in the Combat Ace Downloads.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! In fact, it's reccomened (read: REQUIRED!!, you read this document through before installing to you Mods Folder)

The Notes section contains further details, descriptions, elightenments, illuminations, and so forth. Be good to read them, too.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein



(*=my PatenPending "One Click Restoration Main Ini" is NOT included, due to cockpit use choices. I'd suggest you make one,after installation, as per the tutorial at




That should get you started...)

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Thanks Wrench.


Interestingly the game locks up at %40 if I load Ravenclaw's GBU-10D_N. Can't figure out why but I think it's from the weapon.. :dntknw:

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don't have that prob with the one from the GunnyPak (simply cause I never got ravenclaws!)

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