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Fletcher Class Destroyer (1941-46)v1.1 by GrinchWSLG


This is representative of a war era Fletcher. To be exact its a late war version. The model is a mix of different ships, specifically the Kidd and the Sullivans. Its finished in Measure 22. A paintkit is included for those who want to finish it in the various other Measures used during the war.


V1.1: Updated to SF2:NA/March 2012 patch standards. If you intend to use this with a previous version of the game, either use the FS1 version or expect some weirdness.





1. Place the Fletcher folder in User/Saved Games/Thirdwire/StrikerFighters2(whatever version you use)/Objects/GroundObject


2. That's it. List seemed kind of dumb with just one item.


The default texture is 2048 as its a big object. If this is too large for you or you plan on having many Fletchers on screen, I've included a 1024x1024 texture as well. Its located in the 1024Texture folder.





Wrench- wouldn't have made it if he hadn't asked.

Hinchinbrooke- I used your Daring as the base for the .ini

Typhoid- Weapons advice

Ghost029- More weapons info



This mod is released under the CombatAce Thirdwire Community Freeware Licensing Agreement (or whatever its called). As such it may not be used in payware, proper credit should be given in the readme file of any freeware it is released in, and if feasible include the original readme. (Okay, you don't really have to include this little readme.)


Not my fault if it somehow destroys your computer.


Contact with questions, concerns, COMPLIMENTS, GrinchWSLG on CombatAce.com


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many thanks Grinch!!

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