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Operation Phocidae

Operation Phocidae (1962)


During a very nasty World War Three, the Ark Royal and her Task Force is trapped in the Baltic. Ordered to engage the Soviet Coastline, they will have to battle the fleet, as well as the VVS and Naval Aviations assets. It is up to the pilots of her Buccaneers and Sea Vixens to win the day for the Royal Navy!


Please note: This is a rule of cool campaign. That means I have not even bothered to be historical. Its about fun, so rivetcounters can spend their time finding all the little references :-).




The only thing you need (AT THE MOMENT) is SF2: Europe. I made this campaign to show that SF2: NA Battles can be done without having SF2: NA. TK however has reserved the right to revoke this feature, as he seems to fear this will cause "CTDs in the future". Consider this more of a Tech Demo then a proper campaign.


Do note that while Carriers cannot be sunk in the game without SF2: NA (At least not what I noticed, see if you can make it happen), I have lost Carriers on the Campaign Map when they have been "hit" by bombs. So keep that in mind!


Throw it all into the mod folder, and have a good time! Nothing fancy have been edited, so you can use it in a standard installation without messing too much up.


If you are merging this with TSF; install this after Midvintermörker.




Buccaneer by Ravenclaw007

Il-28T by Paulopanz

SeaHawk FGA 6 by Bunyap, Baffmeister, Spillone and Paulopanz

Sea Vixen by Skippybing, updated by Wrench

Yak 25RV Mandrake by Pasko, updated by Flogger23

Yak 25M & K by Pasko, updated by Paulopanz



ArkRoyal by Hinchinbrooke - Updated by Paulopanz

Daring by Hinchinbrooke - Updated by Paulopanz

Rothesay by Hinchinbrooke - Updated by WhiteBoySamurai

Riga by WhiteBoySamurai

Komar by WhiteBoySamurai


Have fun!


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* Whatever you are flying, if you encounter a MiG 17: Run. Neither Sea Vixen nor Buccaneer has guns and the Vixens missiles will on higher difficulties not be able to track Frecos. If you are escorting, lure them away from the Bucs. If you are interceping, remember that MiGs cannot damage your carrier - The 28s can.


* Destroying enemy Recce (Yak 25 Mandrake) and preventing them from scouting your Task Force is the best way to not have to protect your Task Force from bombers and torpedo bombers. Fight the battle before it has been fought, and you will prevail. You will find prevailing difficult if two ships are damaged and another sunk. That is the _least_ damage I have been able to get from a coordinated strike.


* Ships are moving; your pilots are dumb. During Anti-Task Force Missions, focus at least one flight per ship to assure damage, and hopefully sink the target.

Edited by JonathanRL

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Excellent campaign.


Just one question :

Is the sweden terrain using improved tiles by Stary ?

If no, how to merge them ?

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Is the sweden terrain using improved tiles by Stary ?


They are too large to be included in a packaged campaign, you simply download the tiles and apply them when all TSF Campaigns and / or this one have been installed.

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