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After a VERY long time (years) trying to figure out how not to start a campaign as an ensign and end up a commander 30 missions later, I have FINALLY figured out the code that determines point values of each rank. I was poking around in the missioncontrol.ini in the flight folder modifying altitude levels and maxpilots for single missions when I stumbled upon the PR data block. On a hunch, I multiplied all the numbers by 10, something I could easily correct if it broke something. I am pleased to report that I have been flying Operation Rolling Thunder now for 32 missions, about 45 days on the line, and have earned just over 35000 points. I have yet to be promoted.


If you want to get a more realistic rate of promotion, copy the data block below into your missioncontrol.ini
























I don't know what the MR data lines do and I have left those unmodified. My next order of business is to figure out how to allow a JO to select aircraft numbers in campaigns. But at least I have FINALLY made progress here.

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Nice find. I'd love the accelerated promotion rates if it was in real life...


Adding these now.



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Well done - not much incentive to push when you get made Admiral after taking out 5 oil tanks in a row!


Considering its a game - promotions should be harder to get, and limited weapons should mean limited weapons - I don't remember ever running out and having to use another weapons type in stock campaigns.

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Maybe MR is "MissionResult".

So to get the first promotion you need 5000 points and 5 successful missions, the second promotion 10000 points and 12 successful missions, etc.

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