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Guest Pfunk

Water.BMP File Weirdness

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Guest Pfunk

OK, so I made a water map for the Black Sea 2 Terrain.


Here's the wierdness.


1.) The colors of friendly and enemy waters? They're reversed.

2.) Strike missions now only task the Kiev group. I can strike no other targets.


Anyone having this problem?

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if they're revesed, I'd say 'make a new one' (had to do this several times already....)


to say nothing of sometimes CVBGs NOT showing up in the naval zones, but cruisng across the enemy 'land zones'


very much oddness here!!

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If you place an enemy carrier on a "naval map", that's all that you'll be tasked to strike. To test this, Just rename the Kiev's folder (to something like "XKiev"), run a strike mission, and see what your objective is afterwards.

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If you want to attack the naval fleet then in the nations *.ini from the map you use needs the USN or the Soviet to be the FIRST nations in the friendly or enemy or both nation lists!




TheaterName=Black Sea





Location005=Black Sea



















If the soviet nation is set as a second enemy nation after another one, and you fly USN then you will NOT attack the enemy naval fleet but targets on land!

If you want to attack the Soviet naval fleet, the FIRST enemy nation has to be Soviet!

If you want to strike soviet land based targets, then the soviet nation should NOT be the number one enemy nation!

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. :blink:


My best regards, Kodiak.

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Guest Pfunk

So, I followed Kodiak's advice and made China the first Enemy nation. I can now strike land targets.


Then I followed Kevin's advice ("make a new water .bmp, bonehead!") and now the friendly and enemy carrier battle groups spawn in the right places.


Now, I'm off to repaint some of the tiles. I don't like em'.



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