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Grumman F-14S Tomcat - F21, Swedish Flygvapnet, 1979


Whilst delighted with the newly introduced AJ37 attack version of the Saab Viggen, Flygvapnet officials soon expressed concerns over the range and capability of the forthcoming JA37 interceptor version and made tentative enquiries to Grumman, McDonnell Douglas and Panavia for an interceptor tailored to their rather unique requirements. Grumman (who desperately needed more orders for their F-14 to help offset the burden of the onerous fixed-price deal with the DoD) quickly proposed an export version of the Tomcat by dusting off their earlier Spey-engined F-14S previously offered to the UK.


The new F-14S ('S' now standing for Sweden) was ordered in 1975 and whilst Swedish content in the airframe and avionics was very low the Swedish government had secured offset deals with Rolls-Royce to licence produce the Spey turbofan engine by Volvo Flygmotor and the F-14S was designed to use the 'Swedish' RB-71 (Skyflash) and RB-74 (Sidewinder) missiles as it's primary armament. The F-14S entered service with F21 in 1979 with initial deliveries being made in the 'splinter' scheme but this was soon replaced by the two-tone grey scheme still seen today.










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