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  1. Hello. It's been a while huh... sorry for not finishing this one. It's a gorgeous aircraft, and for a long time i thought that i had lost the files... until i opened a few old folders on a dark corner of my Dropbox and, surprise! ooks like i did uploaded them! For those who want to continue from where i left, here's the max file, probably full of rookie mistakes and missing textures. I can look for those files later, PM me or reply here and i'll try to get them. Thank you https://www.dropbox.com/s/j99ae82aclz07n6/F-22 WIP 48-1.max?dl=0
  2. Mirage M5CODM

  3. Mirage IIIBE

  4. F-5E Early Versions Pack

  5. SF2_F-22A_New_Avionics_10

  6. Mirage F1C-200

  7. Mirage F-1C_RWR

  8. Mirage F-1C_73

  9. SF Su-51


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