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SF2E: TSF: Mannerheims Shield "Viking Total War" Patch

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SF2E: TSF: Mannerheims Shield "Viking Total War" Patch

The Scandinavian Front: Operation Mannerheims Shield: Viking Total War

By The Scandinavian Front Team


This is a rewrite of this campaign:



If you do not have it, download above file first, then install this file.


Following files are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:

Sarcasm 1.3: http://combatace.com/files/file/12836-sarcasm-slightly-artistic-representation-of-clouds-and-sky-mod-v-13/


Baltic HD Tileset; Part 1:



Baltic HD Tileset; Part 2:




The project with renewing Mannerheims Shield has become slightly larger then I first anticipated; and I wanted to give you guys my reasons behind this. First of all, I worked for the original Mannerheims Campaign for several months, often awaiting skins or aircraft. At some points, I became stressed to release the campaign, when I was supposed to be thinking to make it good. I say with full honesty that I am ashamed about Campaign in Mannerheims Shield, and that I somewhat wasted the assets I was given.


I do not think it is bad, but a few missions naval battles that was not properly thought out; you guys deserved better; simply put. You deserved my original vision of a great, grand Viking Total War.


Then SF2: NA came out and we got all these new good toys, and I decided to learn how to use them; resulting in the above mentioned patches. So it is time to make the last vision come true. It will not be entirely the same of course, but it will be interesting still.


And here it is. In my full, honest opinion - This is a Viking Total War worthy of the Aircraft and skins my team provided.



A-1H Skyraider by MontyCZ Credits:

MontyCZ for creating this aircraft, oh so long ago!, and fulfilling a request to revist the LOD and fix some issues

Crusader/Moonjumper/Otto for converting the unworking LABS timer into the DME;

The inestimable assistance of CA's own 331KillerBee, for coloring and markings and other help I can't even remember!

Royohboy for some bits off his AD-4 template I shamelessly borrowed;

the other 2 dozen or so WW2 Prop-heads out there in 3rd Wire Land...

and, of course, TK hisself, for creating this marvelous playground for us to enjoy...


Riga Class Frigate by WhiteBoySamurai


ARA Intrepida (Redesigned as Soviet Patrol Boat) by terceraescuadrilla


F-86K By Bunyap, Skins by Paulopanz


Sorry for the wait. You guys deserved this to be the 1.0 release.


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In case you find the Ground War a little too difficult (and you should :D), I suggest you re-download the package. It will make the first three soviet divisions slighly less OP and adds reinforcements down the road.

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