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SF2E: TSF: Mannerheims Shield 1.1

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The Scandinavian Front: Operation Mannerheims Shield

By The Scandinavian Front Team


UPDATE: After you installed this file; install this one:


This makes for a far more enjoyable experience and is highly recommended!!!


The year is 1966.


Ten years have passed since what is commonly called "The Soviet War" in Sweden and Finland. Many hoped that the end of the war would result in a lasting peace for

Scandinavia. Both Sweden and Finland openly applies for membership in NATO to protect themselves from the horrors of war and a nuclear bomb program is now a

joint-effort between both countries. Despite this, as a gesture of good faith, Soviet sells Finland a number of MiG-21 Figthers and MiG-15 UTI Training aircraft.


In 1965, a report is sent to Moscow by the extremist left of Sweden. It claims a nuclear bomb is less then a year away, a shock to the Union who expected such a

weapon to be at least five years away. During this time, demonstrations - part of the global peace movement - break out in Sweden and Finland. The leaders of both

countries suspect Soviet involvement, and raise funds to the military.



February 1966, a small force under Lauri Törni is arrested at a naval base in Murmansk. Suspected as sabotours and spies, they are tried and sent to prison, while Sweden and Finland denies involvement. A few days later, the prison convoy is ambushed with the guards either dead or suspected captured by the unknown attackers. Törnis team is also missing. Soviet angrily demands the surrender of Törni to their custody or war may be declared.


While Törni in a press conference from Washington DC agrees to surrender himself, it is clear that war cannot be averted. The report about the nuclear bomb is spooking the Soviets to such a degree that they have declared that they will attack. Knowing that the Swedish Air Force is the key to victory for Scandinavia, they make plans to almost entirely bypass Finland and attack Sweden directly by Sea.


NATO Agents, active within the Union catch wind of the plans and send them to Stockholm. They choose the plan Mannerheims Shield as their best hope for survival...



If you are using a mod, or plan to use one, TSF will mess around with settings other mods may be using. As such, creating a seperate mod

folder for TSF is a good idea. If you only plan to use TSF, then this step can be bypassed.


Go to your installation folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Strike Fighters 2). Make a copy of Strike Fighters 2.exe / Strike Fighters 2 Europe.exe depending on what you prefer and got installed. Name the Copy Strike Fighters 2 TSF.exe . Start your new .exe once, then close the game.


Now go to your Mod Folders. For Windows 7/Vista, this is located in C:\Users\Name\Saved Games\Thirdwire. Unzip the contents of the 7zip file into the mod folder of your choice. Allow any overwrites.


As long as this package is installed last, it can and should be merged with the other The Scandinavian Front packages.




- Gnat by Markfighters (Updated by Paulopanz)

- Mi-8 by Markfighters (Updated by Paulopanz)

- MiG 21F Finnish Skin by Paulopanz

- Vampire 52 by Pasko

- IL-28R by Paulopanz

- J 35 Draken FM Mods and Skins by Paulopanz

- A/J/S 32 Lansen FM Mods and Skins by Paulopanz

- Jaktraketkapsel M/57 by Cocas

- Danish F-100D by Paulopanz

- Norwegian F-104 by hgbn

- Norwegian F-5A by Column5/The Mirage Factory

- Su-9A by Pasko, updated by Wrench

- Swedish Weapons by Ravenclaw007

- Unified Effects Pack 1.1 by Stary

- Ground Effects Collection by SF

- Better Widesky for SF2 by Cellisky and Insky_orsin

- Alternative Cloud layer 1.0 by SF

Big thanks to all of you. We could not done this without you. Goes double for Paulopanz :drinks:


If I forgot anybody, this is completely unintentional and will be corrected. Just drop me a line and I fix.


There will be bugs, ladies and gentlemen. I cannot guard against everything. So you are my eyes and ears. Find them. Report them. Hunt their mothers. And we will destroy them.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Fixed critical campaign bug. A smaller fix is avalible in the support thread.
  • Added readme entry for Su-9A. Sorry pasko, sorry Wrench! I love your bird. Same for Ravenclaws RB-24, Sorry Ravenclaw!

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