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Hello this is my first post,after making the video I decided to become a member in this beautiful and helpful community, I made a video for "SF2:NA Mig-21 MF" its not pro though, its the Mig-21 MF from "MIG-21 Complete Pack" with default Strike Fighters 2:NA Soviet silver skin which looks perfect imo.

The reason I chose Mig-21 is because I love it :lol:


I hope you enjoy.


Best Regards.


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The stock MiG-21 really should have been made a flyable by TK a long time ago. It is every bit equal or better than the F-4 in popularity, universal use, and an excellent dogfighter well suited to the game's fun flying/shooting intent. The data needed to model it well enough for this "sim lite" has been readily available for quite a while, too. Fortunately the community support has done nothing but improve the situation over time. Better cockpit modeling, many variants, and better textures. Special thanks to all of those who have contributed to making flyable MiG/Su mods over the years, from the early repainted stock cockpits, to the present dedicated external and cockpit 3d models!


Always glad to see someone who appreciates the MiG-21 as much as I do and who also promotes its use in the SF series!

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