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I´ve been trying to use the Knox class standing in for the Baleares class frigates as an escort for the carrier "Dédalo". I edited the INIs, including nations, service dates, names, skins, etc. Even listed it as a destroyer and cruiser, as those seem to be the only types appearing in single mission carrier groups. However, i didn´t get it to work. Having done the same to Gearing FRAMs into the Churruca class, all the ships i get escorting the carrier are the Churruca FRAMs. Checked everything, names, data entries, spelling...all of them seem to be fine.


I tried to change the original knox into "destroyers" and see them appear in US battlegroups, however, the results are the same.


Anybody knows how could this be solved?

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I've had similar problems with other task forces, I'll sum up what I've found in case it helps.


The sim will select all warship types in single missions, but seems to follow these rules:

1st selection must be a carrier and it appears the primary "nationname=" must be set to the country you want.

2nd selection will be capital ship(s) either battleship or cruiser will work, it will select preferably one with nationname set as above, failing that another friendly nations ship with the following set in the data ini:


ExportStartYear=1939 ---- select appropriate years


ExportAvailability=RARE ---set as appropriate

Note if this is used, no notice is taken of either userlists or nameslists- eg I've seen Australian Brooklyn class cruisers -tho' the nameslist will generate displayed names if your country is listed in it. Finally if no capital ships found it will then go on to search for destroyers.

3rd and 4th selection will then be destroyers and then frigates, subject to the same conditions for capital ships.

Note it isn't possible to mix friendly/hostile vessels in one entry and have automatic selection (I tried making argentine Fletchers by setting exporttoenemy=true and adding them to the nameslist-it didn't work, then tried a standalone nation specific version which did)

Finally (just for interest) entering WarshipClass=Submarine in the data ini doesn't crash the sim, but I've yet to see one outside of a manually pre-scripted mission.



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I don´t know, ie, when i had Iowa class BBs listed as Battleships, they appeared, at least in their own BBBGs in Iceland, but never in a CVBG. When classed them as cruisers, they appear as escorts in the carrier battlegroups.


What was weird about it, is that copying a Gearing and making the edits work just fine while the same exact solution doesn´t work with Knox ships. But the very same trouble appears when setting the knox frigates as destroyers for them to appear with US groups. I don´t think the sim neglects to recognize it as another ship, but it is like something preventing the model to appear as a destroyer no matter how it is classified in the DATA ini


So far, i only had Cruisers and Destroyers to appear in Battlegroups, apart from campaign, in wich frigates show up escorting the landing forces.

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As regards the Iowa's I've had them turn up both as carrier escorts and in stand alone surface action groups.


I can confirm frigates will appear as carrier escorts ( I fly RN a lot- seen Leanders, Rothesays etc).

I think however you may be onto something when you say it is like something preventing the model to appear.

Looking at the Knox data ini, one thing struck me: how damned slow it is-slower than the RN frigate types, Gearing, Fletcher, Iowa, virtually all carriers, Spruance DD, even the OH Perry is faster. That made me stop and think- I've only seen the Knox escorting the LPD/LHA groups- and hey presto their top speed is only set to around 10 (m/s?) which is slower than the Knox.

Looking at a campaign file, a minimum fleet speed is set (eg 10.289) which the US frigates CAN manage while various single missions generated by the sim and saved show speed= values ranging from 6 up to 19.6, the upper values of which the Knox certainly CAN'T achieve. Finally note the Dedalo top speed: 18.18

I'd therefore conclude that giving your Balaeres class a higher non-prototypical top speed (or conversely slowing Dedalo down) may well solve the problem, certainly nothing else springs out from the data ini.....



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