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MiG-23MF´s Skins and Tweaks pack Part 1

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MiG-23MF´s Skins and Tweaks pack Part 1

MiG-23MF´s Skins and Tweaks pack Part 2


This has been the effort of a couple of months, trying to get as accurate as possible all the MiG-23MF´s. It comprehends all Warsaw Pact planes as well as the Cuban and the Semi ficticious Kyrgyzstan AF, most of them may now match completely since the paint differed from plane to plane, and all the info i got is from internet.


part one includes planes from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Cuba.


Also i used the cockpit made by Ordway and tweaked by Lindr2 before he dissapeared, a big thanks to both, actually this was a Lindr2`s initiative and i´m just completing it.


i´ve also created different folder per Nation to make it more interesting.


Some decals have been borrowed from previous packs, please if you feel them familiar let me know and i will give you credit.




I´ve created a Main Folder and all you got to do is drop it´s contents in the Objects\Aircraft sub-folders, once done you can paste all the contents to the Objects folder of the SF2 game you wish and that´s it, you now will have several Warsaw Pact MiG-23MF planed ready to fly!


Feel free to use them only with no payware intentions, or there will be a bunch of guys hunting you for sure:)


A big thanks to Daniel Cocas Lieabert for all the patience to answer my questions and some of the decals made by him, to Eric Johnson who reminded of the weathering, Gepard and Soulfreak, who helped me with German numbers and all the friends i have in FB who liked the pics to complete this job.


Enoc Marquez AKA FLOGGER23


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Good idea

Which FM is it ?

Tk's or TMF's ?

Edited by jeanba

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