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So today I ran out of excuses to not have ALL the SF titles :good:


I just bought them all today while I'm at work, and before I go home and start installing I have concerns about stuffing my current install of SF2 Europe with the expansion pack on an Oct 2011 patch level........one big one that was recently discussed in another thread was that the sounds have been locked away??? Is this really the case? I have been using the SFG1WMSpeech mod http://combatace.com/files/file/11855-sfg1wmspeechrar/ and to be honest the thought of going back to the stock hill billy wingman voices terrifies me :yikes:


That being said I am looking forward to the new AWACS voices.........Can anyone tell me wether or not I'm gonna be able to get both sets of voices running together?

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I installed everything (Base Components, Expansions), then Copied/Extracted every CAT to a separate folder for safe keeping. Then patched up.



Might be easier to just:

1. Backup and Rename your current /users/SavedGames/Thirdwire folder (so installers don’t over write what you have).

2. Install everything SF2, SF2V, SF2E, SF2 I, SF1 Exp1, SF2 Exp2 to a custom folder (x:/Thirdwire/OldSF2/)

3. Copy the entire game to a new folder or just copy all the cat files

4. Install the Cat Extractor for that version’s CATs into a custom folder (x:/Thirdwire/OldCatExtracter/)

5. Copy the Files to the same folder as the “unpatched” install.

6. Zip/Rar them for Safe Keeping, or if you need them frequently just keep them safe.

7. Re-Instate your Modded /Saved Games/Thirdwire/ folder.

8. Resume using your Patched up SF2 installs.

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The SF1 speech mod still works, and will work with the AWACS voices mod, too.

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the wavs are locked in the CATs but putting modified ones in the flight folder take priority over the ones in the Cat.

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