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Lothar Names

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Expanded and cleaned-up names files for Over Flanders Fields and OFFbase. Greatly increases the number of unique names for these campaigns, and also skews distributions so some more common names are more likely to appear in-game.


Statistics: This mod increases the number of unique American names in OFF: Hat in the Ring from 68,068 to 109,538, and unique British names from 60,648 to 150,336. The number of unique German names blooms from just 11,850 in the original OFF: Between Heaven and Hell, to 116,446 in HitR by including Creaghorn’s German last names, to a robust 457,380 with this mod. Take note: there are still only 68,730 unique French names—if someone else wants to take a crack at it.





Over Flanders Fields


JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler




Original files by OBD Software, with HitR including Creaghorn’s expanded German last names from his Homebrew.



Installation and Usage:


The installer automatically extracts the mod folders into your OFF JSGME modsfolder if OFF and JSGME are installed correctly. Activate the mod folders manually in JSGME, or the Mod Manager included in the OFFice campaign editor will take care of it all automatically.


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