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OFF JSGME NSIS Mod Installer Kit

This archive contains instructions and an easily-customizable example script to help OFF mod authors build installers that automatically put JSGME mods for Over Flanders Fields in the right place, and that updates to mods are safely applied. No more worrying that users get your files in the right place!





Over Flanders Fields

JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler 2.6.0

nullsoft scriptable install system





Extract this archive into wherever you do your mod development for OFF. One suggestion is a MODDEV folder alongside your JSGME MODS folder, allowing a side-by-side parallel structure for mods in testing and those in use.


Download and install NSIS.



Building the Example Mod:


Right click the NSIS installer script, Example_Script.nsi, and select "Compile NSIS Script" from the context menu.


When the script has completed successfully, you'll see "NoDrums_1.0.exe" appear in the directory alongside the script. You can test the installer from the MakeNSISW window (or check for errors), or just close the window and run the newly-compiled executable directly.


The installer will first check the registry and try to find the location of your Over Flanders Fields install, then look for the JSGME.ini config file and read it to find the name of the JSGME mods folder to use. The new example mod should install automatically there, and then JSGME run so you can activate it.


The text shown in the install comes from the "Example Readme.rtf" documentation/license file, which is also installed in the JSGME mods folder for users' reference.



Building Your Own JSGME Mod Installer:


It's just a matter of changing a couple lines in the included example script. See the included readme for modders!


Edited by Lothar of the Hill People

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