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using Windows XP External Hard Drive to back up CSFS3 +OFF

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As a newbie I wonder if I can reduce the turmoil that follows a computer btreakdown



1. Can I back-up < CSFS3 > + < OFF> on an External Hard Drive ?


Suppose that my Windows XP computer internal Hard Drives goes down !


Instead of going through the lengthy < CSFS3 > + < OFF> installation procedure:

the original < CSFS3 > + < OFF> previously loaded on an External Hard Drive

would be simply transferred to the internal Hard Drive.



2 How is the Program Files , usually on C:// directory, and the < CSFS3 > + < OFF> active game files , usually on D:// directory

to be stored on the External Hard Drive ?


The object being: to restore the normal state of < CSFS3 > + < OFF>


Thanks for your help



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I keep several copies of OFF (as well as the important folder in the User/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields, using Win7).


This way if something really messes up, I can simply delete the two original folders and use the copies versus reinstalling the BH&H with it's two patches and then HitR and it's patch.


As long as you put the copies back to where the original two folders existed, OFF will play fine since this is where they are located in the Windows Registery.


Where you keep your copies is irrelevant, jut put them back to your original location to keep playing the game.

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Panama Red

Please be more specific for this NEWBIE:


1. How do you copy OFF ?


2. What is the title of the "important folder" you mentioned?


3. What is the title of the "original two folders" you mentioned?




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The normal method for coping files or folders in Windows is to "left click" on the file or folder to select it, then "right click" on this file or folder to open the selection list and pick "copy". Then go to your selected drive or folder, "left click" to pick that location, "right click" to open the selection list again and pick paste.


Remember I'm using Win7 and you are using XP, so the "important folder" for you is located in a slightly different location, and you will have to track it down or see if anybody else here can tell you where it is in XP. On my Win7 system, the "important folder" with your OFF setting, pilots, etc. is located at "User/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields" (the important folder is the "CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields").


Your other folder you need to copy is your original "OBDSoftware" folder, located where ever you had that folder installed on your system.


So coping both the "OBDSoftware" folder and your "CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields" folder, you have just copied all of the OFF game folders to another location for back up.

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