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3 More Airbase "Equipments"

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3 More Airbase "Equipments"

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More Airbase Goodies

= SF/Wo* & SF2 series Games (Any and All -hopefully*!) =


A few more pieces of equipment, to place around airfields or bases, or other 'locations of interest'. The items are:


Bulldozer (-original creator unknown, as it comes from waay back on the WW2 terrains)

Road Grader

Steamroller (these 2 by Sundowner)


It should be noted at this time, these are NOT GroundObjects, like the yellow fuel truck recently released, but TERRAIN objects, that will need hand placement on your terrain of choice. Instructions are below in the "To Add To A Terrain" section.


As always, fairly easy to follow (for Terraformers/Targeteers), yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them!


*note: as the grader and roller have been built in late model MAX, they may not work in SF/Wo* games. This has NOT been tested*


With special thanks to Sundowner!!





kevin stein


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Cool, :salute: The steamroller and the Road Grader I need for the Kaneho PBY Ramp I,m working on (as soon as the storm is over). The airstrip was under construction in 41.

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building NAS Kanheoe on the Hawaii map was a frakking nightmare! I never was fully satisfied with it (or the damn water/land humping at the sea-land transition I never fully got rid of)

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