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USN/USMC low visibility tactical color schemes Paintshop - GB 3-7-2012


All USN/USMC low visibility tactical color schemes are now put in a single archive for sharing at combatace.

All due credit to the original model and skin creators:

Third Wire (A-4M,A-7E,F-4J,F-14A_77)

Mirage Factory + BPAo + Flying Toaster (F-14A+B,F-4S,FA-18A)

Mostly I just made masks and converted colors which took enough time as it was already.


Work In Progress Release:

Beware that in the past the max resolution I worked with was 512x512 per skin, and lower res decals.

Beware that I was sometimes to lazy to make the correct seperation from light grey to medium grey.

Leaving the seperation where the old Gull grey used to fade to white.


Photoshop 60 Conversion.atn contains the following automated actions for color conversion:

-F-14 grey Med (convert to Medium grey, from gull grey as used by third wire)

-F-14 to grey light (convert to Medium grey first)

-F-14 to grey dark (convert to Medium grey first)


US Navy/Marine Low visiblity colors:

Dark: FS 35237 used as anti glare, or topside F-4S

Medium: FS 36320 (RGB 157,164,176) top A-4,A-6,A-7,F-14,F/A-18, side F-4S

Light: FS 36375 (RGB 171,176,184) bottom A-4,A-6,A-7,F-14,F/A-18,F-4S

The Medium and Light RGB values were obtained by taking average color values from photographs on the net.


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