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Finally bought this sim

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I've taken the plunge and finally bought FE2 based off of the excellent modder community. So, I went ahead and also downloaded about 3 gigs of mods.



I started to browse these threads and the SF2 knowledge base for information on where to start. It's fairly comprehensive, but overwhelming. I found bits and pieces of information, but no clear direction on where to start.


My game is installed and in the vanilla state. I'd like to start using the Armchair mod eventually, but first I'd like to max out the eyecandy before I start adding the planes.


Can someone help me out on a thread that would explain:


1. where and how to start with the eyecandy mods


2. any tips or tricks for tweaking the ini's


3. pitfalls to avoid during mod installations


If I can just get pointed in the right direction, I can take it from there.


My rig is an i5, 680GTX, 16GB, SSD.






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Basical i use just seasonal terrain from Jan Tuma






As FM mods i dont like i fly stock FMs. Try take a look into aircrafts download section here. Some Niueports are nice.


As last i use armed balloons mod




Hope it will help with your first steps with this great sim


If you have problem to setup this mods let me know and i will zip for ya in way you just unpack to your FE2 mod folder and good to go.

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Best addon planes:




Morane Saulnier Type N (as good as stock planes, even better):




Don't forget to download Laton's Eindeckers, best targets for the Morane Saulnier Type N (don't download the Bwf's models, they are the same planes with inferior quality):






Stephen1918's Sikorsky is a nice early plane too, good to shot down some Eindeckers in the east front:




Also, Stephen1918's planes are very good, my favourite is the Albatros CIII




With the Sinbad's skin is as good as stock planes




Stephen 1918 Nieuports are very good too, like all his releases.

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but first I'd like to max out the eyecandy before I start adding the planes.



Hi Buddy,


Welcome to the happy band of FE users., and I am sure that the hard working modders will provide you with all the WWI eye candy that you can manage. I guess you are aware that there are planes you can get for this sim that no other sim has. In particular I like the Austrian ones, especially the Hansa/Phonix star strutters. :good:

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Thanks for the info. I managed to do a lot of reading and figured out how to install the mods. Is there a mod that will make the Trees more round (as a few of them seem to be flat and only in 2D)?



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