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Initial Thoughts on Ka-50

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While it is easy to break the landing gear, I can easily fly where I want and land where I want with a little patience as I learn the sensitivity and the rate at which I can transition to a low hover from a high cruise. The FM is far more stable/smooth than OFP/ArmA but the basic maneuvers I can use to slow down and hover/land over a particular spot remain similar. I haven't even begun to learn how to do a ramp start or even use any weapons. My experience in OFP/ArmA is that I actually have more fun doing transport missions trying to land and lift people out of hot spots. I personally would prefer a Huey or Cobra, but clearly this is one awesome helicopter and a great choice for a combat sim.


I am downloading the Take On Helicopters / Hind bundle tonight (bought it earlier today on steam). I suspect the Ka-50 FM will be far superior, but Take On Helicopters' FM better be superior to ArmA 2, or what is the point? I find the Hind more appealing than the Black Shark simply because it is legendary and the proper opponent of the AH-1.


I will probably try to master one aspect of the Ka-50 per week while I continue to mainly fly jets. Once I can fly a full mission from ramp start to landing, I think I will really enjoy the Ka-50. I am not going online in any DCS aircraft until I get proficient with at least one of them. I think I can master the A-10C faster and given that I am using a Warthog stick, it comes more natural when learning the full operation of the aircraft.

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Differences between the Ka-50 and A-10C: while the Ka-50's weapons systems are easy to learn use, the helo is not easy to fly and flying and fighting is even harder (especially as you have to point the nose just so to hit anything, whether firing rockets, missiles, or guns). Beware getting your trimmer out of whack! Ctrl-Enter is your friend! Conversely the A-10C is pretty easy to fly and point the nose wherever, whenever, with no worries while the systems are really convoluted to the point that I can get several guns kills in the time it takes me to line up one Maverick shot!


Of course, I have like 10 hrs in A-10C and like 70 in the Ka-50, so that's part of it. But the A-10A in LOMAC/FC is closer to TK's A-10 than the DCS A-10C. So I can even T/O and land the Ka-50 with more ease than I can the A-10C (and landing the 50 with battle damage is a hair-raising experience, especially with rotor damage).

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