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There I was at 7000 AGL TWO MIGS at 12 o'clock

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Well as the header says...it was a Saturday night (real world) on a MIGCAP and received a call from Redcrown. " Cobra 11, bandits 12 o'clock, angles 10, 20 miles." So I tell my #2 to drop tanks and I acquire & lock first blip on the radar so he can take the first shot. I give him the command to shot and THEN IT HAPPENS!!!!! I scream NNNOOOOO!!!! Wifey runs into the room yelling at me "What happened", I point to the screen as anger & frustration set in. The computer freezes up and there is this low scratching sound coming from the external HD & it's hot!?!?!? I look and point at it, wifey picks it up, looks at it and utters the words you NEVER want to hear when it comes to computers..."It's DEAD!!!!" I look at her and want to cry. ALL (and I mean ALL!!!) of my many version, add-on, patches, skins, terrains, EVERYTHING concerning Wings over XXXX Series 1 is GONE! So after a week of finally coming to the realization that I must start over, I ask you, the CA Community...


Do I start over with Wings over XXXX Series 1 or do I move into the future with Wings over XXXX Series 2???


All opinions & suggestions will be considered.



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Well, DAve's first rule has been ignored, so now you get to do what I did... Welcome to the darkside.... SF2 awaits...

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The problem with coming to the SF2 party late is that you have to start at the current patch level.

If you had bought the original version and saved it, you could patch it up to whatever level torqued your twinkie.

I can't remember all the dates, but there were several key turning points in the patches such as:

Lods no longer compatible with SFP1/WoX series (with WoI Expansion pack you can put a lot of SF2 stuff back into WoI, useful for SF2 eyecandy while retaining SF1 features such as multiplayer).

Lock down on lod data (lods could read in a hex editor to find node names).

Lock down on clouds/environment.

Lock down on view distance addition of new fading system.

Compatibility with certain mods varies throughout the patch run.

AI, campaign, and other bugs come and go with various patch levels.


Unless you have some need for one of the lost features or you are dead set against the latest bugs/features, none of this really presents a problem.

You didn't experience all the ups and downs, so you won't know what you missed.

In going from SFP1/WoX to current revision of SF2, you will mainly see tremendous upgrades to nearly every aspect of the sim except for the terrain, and arguably, SF2NA has set the ball in motion to fix that issue.

The only reasons to stay with SFP1/WoX would be older hardware/operating system unable to handle DX10 and the load SF2 puts on a single core PC.

I found upgrading to Win 7 and having a good DX10 card left my cpu as the only bottleneck and could still play SF2NA, though a bit choppy even with some settings dialed back more than I would like (mirrors, horizon distance, and shadows).

Get one SF2 sim (either your favorite environment or the cheapest one) and see how it runs on your PC.

It doesn't cost much to try one of them.

If it runs okay on your pc, I doubt you will ever go back to SFP1/WoX.

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So your entire install was only on an external HD? Sorry to say external HDs don't have the life or reliability of internal ones for numerous reasons, but they basically boil down to excess motion, inadequate cooling, and IMO the use of lesser-quality drives. They're good to backup your internal HD because you're only using the thing a few hours a week at most, but as a primary HD they don't stack up.

I would use an internal for the game and b/u to an external...in fact, I do!

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SupGen, Major Lee, & Streakeagle thanks for the input...SF2 & Win 7 here I come. :drinks:


JediMaster...I've learned my lesson. :yesmaster:

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