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Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 3 released

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- Fixed old DED/PFL state being transmitted to shared mem if UFCPower not available.

- Fixed DLINK remembering last state after DLINK power down/failure. Fixed DED displaying DLINK data if DLINK is powered down/failed.

- Fixed deterministic weather changing briefly back to SUNNY during weather changes.

- New config variable g_nPickleSpikeTolerance (default 10) added. This sets a tolerance in ms before pickle releases are actually executed. SimPickle is sensitive to external input system "spiking", i.e. micro-releases. If a new pickle press is registered during the tolerance period, the original release is discarded.

- CTD Fix in RakNet's ReliabilityLayer::HandleSocketReceiveFromConnectedPlayer().

- Fix for "the battle of sinai" MissileClass::CommandGuide CTD.

- Fix for 2nd entry to 3d timing out in pie screen.

- Buffer overwrite fixes, Mem leak fixes, NULL pointer checks.

- Fixed the range knob position to affect FCR gain and TGP zoom only when actually moved under SOI. This way there will not be "jumps" when switching SOI .

- Flight cannot be deleted anymore when players are in (will avoid other invisible player cases). Added proper error message for deleting flights which contain human pilots.

- Changed default keyfile for new pilots to BMS.key (was keystrokes.key before).

- Added new key callbacks "SimPause" and "SimResume" (in addition to the existing combined "SimTogglePaused").

- Pilot entertainment system:

-- added possibility to pause/resume (in addition to start/stop), new callback "WinAmpTogglePause".

-- changed DCS SEQ to call TogglePause (pause/resume) instead of TogglePlayback (start/stop).

- Fixed reverse FCR gain w/ rage knob direction. Fixed FCR gain w/ rage knob changing if FCR is not SOI.

- Fixed horn silencer button animation in 3D pit.

- Fixed some analogue controller axes appearing twice in the UI drop-down boxes.

- Enhanced AFResetTrim/ResetTrim so that it can "unstuck" runaway trim states as well.

- Changed the hotasPinkyHold timer for DX shifting to use real time.

- Added config option which allows the MP host to specify the available launch options (RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF): set g_nMPStartRestricted (default 0=RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF, 1=RAMP/TAXI, 2=RAMP)

- Added config options which allow the MP host to restrict Smoke and NVG usage:

-- set g_bAllowMP_NVG (default 1/true)

-- set g_bAllowMP_Smoke (default 1/true)

- Fixed player option "UI Radio Chatter" having no effect unless it is actively changed.

- Fixed fuel flow indicator range (it's maxing out at 80.000 pph now).

- Invisible Aircraft in MP fix.

- Changed command line option "-nomovie", it will disable ALL movie playback now. If you only want to disable the intro movie, use the proper "set g_bPlayIntroMovie 0" config setting instead (it's available in the config editor as well).

- Fixed Laser ARM switch, it can now be set independent of Master ARM.

- DTE MFD page changes:

-- Fixed loading highlighting order to be counter-clockwise (was clockwise before),

-- page now shows the actual INI file name(s) as DTC ID for easy reference.

- Fixed FCR radar cursors, they can't be slewed anymore while AC is on ground.

- Fixed Data Link modes and the assignment ID’s, they are no longer displayed on the FCR if DL power is off.

- Fixed antenna elevation, it can only be changed now if FCR is SOI.

- Fixed some MFDs in greenmode/non-color mode, which were still using colors.

- Fixed exporting displays to shared texture memory area (will work again in the same way that it did for OpenFalcon and BMS 2): Setting g_bExportRTTTextures to 1 will create a shared texture memory area (even w/o external displays enabled), named "FalconTexturesSharedMemoryArea". This does work as well with double RTT resolution! The shared mem area is not updated every frame, but every g_nRTTExportBatchSize frame (defaults to 2).

- Changed version string output in both the main UI and the monolog file to be: "Falcon BMS x.y.z (plat) Build n", e.g. "Falcon BMS 4.32.2 (x86) Build 10900". This allows for easier identifying of the actual applied update for the end-users (x=major, y=minor, z=micro/Update), while keeping the actual build version in there for dev reference.

- Fixed squadron patches not completely/all showing in UI logbook.

- Implemented generic Airbase validity check. "Faulty" Airbases will no longer cause a CTD, but a MonoLog output which includes the name, VU_ID and the X/Y position for tracking. Adjusted all Airbase checks in landme.cpp to use the generic check.

- Fix for BuildControllerList() CTD in case an input device is enumerated, but for some reason has no valid name string.

- Fixed possible "out of index" CTD when building video driver or resolution list.

- Corrected ObjectLOD::ReadFromFile() to ensure the target ObjectLOD stays valid (but empty) if a file error occurs. Formerly, the target ObjectLOD was partly set to undefined values in case of a file error.



- Fixed tower calling out RWY 32 at Kimpo as 31.

- Applies the fix for the M2000 additional air intakes (see U2) to the 2000-D and 2000-N cockpit 3D wings.

- A complete overhaul to TE00 Ramp start training script.

- Added proper error message string for deleting flights which contain human pilots.

- Added new dedicated SimPause and SimResume callbacks to BMS.key (unmapped), in addition to the existing SimTogglePaused callback.

- Fix for the block 32 AFM.

- Added config options which allow the MP host to invoke some restrictions:

-- set g_bAllowMP_NVG 1 // Allows the MP host to specify whether NVGs can be used (default 1/true)

-- set g_bAllowMP_Smoke 1 // Allows the MP host to specify whether Smoke can be used (default 1/true)

-- set g_nMPStartRestricted 0 // Allows the MP host to specify which startup options are allowed (default 0=RAMP/TAXI/TAKEOFF, 1=RAMP/TAXI, 2=RAMP)

- Fixes a bug with the missing HTS sensor, that prevents from locking any target when the AS-37 (anti-radiation) missile is loaded. Added a line "Has_HTS 1" to mirage2k9.dat and mirage2kd.dat

- Fixed radar not being able to acquire EF2000 and JAS39 by changing their radar surface ratio to 91% of F-16 (detection will be around 33Nm now).

- Added new options for the shared texture memory area to "Falcon BMS.cfg":

-- set g_bExportRTTTextures 0 // This enables the shared texture memory area for HUD/MFDs/HMS/RWR/DED/PFL. This is independent from BMS external window usage!

-- set g_nRTTExportBatchSize 2 // This determines how often the shared texture memory area (if it is enabled) will be updated (every Nth frame, default is 2).

- Updated rumble.ogg sound: removed crackle when playback starts (Touchdown), start and ending off rumble sample zeroised and loop optimized (thanks to Livrot).

- Corrected transparency for pilot pictures, none of them will show up "pink" anymore.

- Added squadron patches for:

-- 121st VFS Grim Griffins

-- 320vFW e-HAF

-- 323sq Nemesis

-- 324sq Grypes

-- 325sq Pelekis

-- 326sq Aspis

-- ViperDrivers

- Corrected squadron patch for:

-- 87th Straydogs (got rid of pink border)

- Removed faulty squadron patches:

-- 321 vTS Centaur

-- Ukraine Air Force

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Nice, but...


When are they going to release that sweet-a$$ F/A-18C pit they showed off a while ago!?!? :grin:

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Probably when its done? Its planned for next BMS verson, not for update as last i know. 4.32 updates are mostly bug fixes. Dont expect so many new features. Its more like HotFixes.

Edited by ataribaby

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Are there any other functioning campaigns in BMS beside Korea?

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There is some other theaters, some have more or less WIP campaings. Please see "Theater Discussion" forum on our public web.

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So 13.5 yrs since release and F4's development is STILL not done. So much more to refine.


And people ask why other sim developers never attempted anything this ambitious again? They can't afford it. They could put as much money as EA put into SW: The Old Republic and probably still not get it "perfect."


It's good that people can work on it in their free time, though. That's the only way F4 can continue to work towards its ultimate promise, the promise made over 20 years ago when F3 was getting ready for release!


Nice of ED to finally take up that banner with DCS World, but like F3 after MiG-29 and Hornet, the future may seem bright but then suddenly dim.

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As you that 13 years (well i joined coding fun during 2003 or so and still not made all featues i planed in my head during 2003, and we have 2012 now!), all of us code and make data stuff in our spare time as hobby. So yes its slow paced. Also i think Falcon we have now is miles away from 1998 released version. But yes, i am biased :)

Edited by ataribaby

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I well remember playing it on release. Took pretty much until the 1.08 patch a year later before the thing was even what I'd call playable. Still flawed, but at least you could finally enjoy it without wanting to kick your PC regularly. Of course, that's when the company shut down.


Good on you for keeping with it for the rest of us.

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