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Cuba Terrain Problem..

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Hi, everyone.. I've installed the "Operation Hydra" Mod, and i have a problem with the terrain.. Sometimes while i go to the MAP option in the hangar the "Departure Point" of my flight, seem out the map,.




And while go to FLY, this occurs..




This happen in "Single Mission", and "Campaing", with Blue or Red planes..

Know someone how resolve it? Thanks a lot!!


PD: I running SF2 Israel merged with SF2 North Atlantic patched June 2012

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NavalMap=TRUE without any CV zones on the _water.bmp???


actually happens a LOT, even on those maps.

try using it ONLY in SF2NA (may or may not help)

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I've tried the 2 ways, but still happens..

Thanks anyway!!

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well, just looking at the planning map, there's 4 carrier stations showing -and I'll bet nothing on _water.bmp (if it has one!)


also, there's land based ffaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to close to The Wall -- one in Nicaragua, Bermuda, and mid-Flordia coast.

Locate those 3 land bases in the _targets ini, change their alignment to NEUTRAL, and see what happens.


Or, you can try the 'Expanded Borders Trick" and see what happens (most likely, nothing...but worh the shot)




poor placement, with little consideration as to how the terrain engine works, methinks

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