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  1. Water_for_EuroWW2_SPRING

  2. Esto si que no me lo esperaba

    El artículo tiene fecha de 28 de diciembre.. Debe ser broma por el Día de los Inocentes..
  3. SF2 WW2 PTO B-25H Mitchell "Gunship" Pak

    Great job!! Do you think release the same version but with de glass nose??
  4. Wings Over River Plate

  5. Ok thanks Wrench, i'm looking for the AU-1 model..
  6. Sorry!! I need the templates of Corsairs of Check6 i think.. The names of the textures are: * F4U_enginetail * F4U_LeftWing * F4U_RightWing * F4U_Fuse
  7. Hi everyone! Just like the title said, anyone knows if F4U corsair templates are available?? Thanks!
  8. [PROJECTO] Campaña Uruguay-Argentina

    Acá te dejo la versión más reciente (lo de je hace un año y algo apróximadamente y no lo toque más) http://www.putlocker.com/file/363197F95CA64E99 Saludos!!
  9. A-37B Urugayan Air Force

    Los bajas de acá http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/
  10. The "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam VPAF Expansion Pack" is, i think, the MOD which is available in Download sections created by Spectre8750
  11. Hi everyone!! I've new questions for you. I want to know if is possible add a mesh (flag, weapon turret, etc) in a ship. If exist some method like "FAKE PILOT". I've read about the "FAKE CATAPULT", but not working ( i don't know how declare the mesh i want to add) Thanks for the help!! PD: The ship is a Buttler Class destroyer escort, and the game is patched July2012

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