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Morane H

Morane H, in French, Belgian, and RFC colours and markings, as with my upload of the Morane H Russia, these are just a rework of the originals, I have redont the skins to accept decals, instead of the pre fixed ones, however I have included them in the upload too.


I have also removed the gun, as this aircraft was unarmed ( except for one prototype ) and changed the data files to reflect this, so it is only any good for recon or cas missions, it is grenade armed as per Peters FM's


Also I have cheated a bit, you will notice that all the lods are from the Pfalz EI, and therefore all the skins are named PfalzEI NOT MoraneH.......do not change these names otherwise you will get an albino aeroplane !!!

I have done this to allow the windscreen to show ( a bit drastic I know but the screen SHOULD be there, and it isnt present in the original Morane model) using the Pfalz lods etc, makes no difference at all to the aircraft

the only real problem I have encountered is the shadows dont work too well, if you switch them on, you get a horrible mess around the port wheel, and it is very noticeable too, so I have them set as FALSE, but that is your choice.


as I have said before, I have included the original skin files, along with my reworks. all the hard work on the original models and skins was done by Mr Laton, Mr Hermann the hun, and Herr Von Deutschmark, FM's are of course by Peter, any other stuff has been done by yours truly, I think I have also included all the relevant decals, sounds, and the original hanger and loading screenies too, so I hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed playing around with them myself, oh and I forgot to mention Mr Stephen1918 as he has helped me on several occasions, and is a wonderful help and mine of information.


Per Ardua


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