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  1. Fiat G.91 "Gina" Pack

    Lubbly Lubbly Lubbly .......one of my all time favourite Aeroplanes, along with the Jag.........Oh and Mirages.....errr and all SAAB's.......and..........Thanks for this matey !!!
  2. Not only do you have to sell your soul to get to the site, you then MUST follow all the rules with no deviation , oh yeah and make sure if you do that your clock wherever you are in the world, is synced to Crapheads.......I have to say, some of the stuff over there is actually worth having, but more of it is actual dross...........Screw him, screw his site, not worth the bother,
  3. yeah we all know what the "A" in A-Team stands for
  4. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Thats a real shame because he does some outstanding work
  5. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Indeed, the Chirri is a much needed model, and I'm not sure if Geezer is still working on it, he's been AWOL for a while now, hope he's ok.
  6. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    I only mentioned them because Geezers original models were designed for FE rather than SF
  7. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Oh yeah and Geezers Gladiator and CR-42
  8. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Yessir, its just a matter of converting the fm's etc to make sure they work ok in FE .........and that is beyond my ability, its black majiks an voodoo stuff is that, I believe there is an HS-123 floating around out there too. plus some Breugets and a few others . There is also an early HE111 and DO-17 as well, not sure if those are of Craparses site though.
  9. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    opens up some possibilities, getting an early B 109 in would be nice along with the Chaika and Ratas as well of course.....and maybe even a Ju87A.........so many possibilities !! now if only we could use JPG's instead of BMP's !!!
  10. What Rousso said !! these cards are designed to be overclocked ( if you really feel the need to do stupid shit like that on a new card ) So even if you had overclocked it, it shouldn't have crapped out on you period. In fairness to Asus, I can sort of see their standpoint, if something is sold via a third party, as yours was, they cant really do a great deal, unless the re sale agent passes it back to them. As for the tits that sold you the damn thing in the first place, make a complaint to the Ombudsman, not sure who that would be in your country, but most countries have a trading standards commission, and if you pass the issue to them, you may get recompense, or at least you should get itI know trading standards in the UK are pretty hot on this sort of thing, and the fact they wont give you a reason in writing is suspect and piss poor practice, if they know they are in the right, then they should be confident enough to give you a written explanation, but apparently they are a bit underhanded methinks i wouldn't let this go, on principle if nothing else !!!
  11. OK, so what you are saying, is that, those of us who have been with the Sim from its inception, and who purchased the original game , Strike fighters project one, an all the expansions, also who bought First eagles Mk1 , and then when the sim was not supported in win 7 had to re purchase the whole damn shooting match AGAIN , along with FE 2 , are now looking at for the third time, purchasing ( albeit by private funding ) the whole clusterfuck again......shady dealings if you ask me, TK is a dick ( sorry if that offends anyones sensibilities ) who is not interested in the sim, but wont release source code etc to allow this community to develop the game ourselves,???? I would rather put money into a project run by the good folk of Combat Sim, and the Gods know there is enough talent on here to do this, than line the pockets of a profiteering wanker, who has just seen an opportunity to take the piss for the third time, and who is to say he will ( if indeed he does ) update the sim to modern standards..........Call me a cynic, but I am very wary of this, and although I would love nothing more than to update and improve SF/FE I trust TK as much as I would trust a Ferengi with the family jewels !!!
  12. So let me get this right, TK, who has said in the past, has no interest or intention to develop, or update SF/FE any further, now expects us to fund an upgrade of a sim we have all already bought, and he has stated he isnt gonna fix...............I smell a rat in the Galley somewhere here, Tk has already had the money from us for the sim, its expansions, and the DLC's but now he wants more of our money, for something that should be a matter of course , you wouldn't pay any other game or sim extra dosh for an upgrade, if it wa a whole new DLC, then I sort of can see the point and the logic, but to fund a disintrested, and dare I say it greedy developer for fixing what should have already been fixed is a bit beyond the pale in my opinion, or is it just my cynical and twisted mind ?
  13. 25 grand ? we can raise that kind of moolah amongst us ?
  14. The sound of the Me 262 Starting Up

    Pretty bird, shame about the political considerations on the plumage though.

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