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  1. Hmmm not heard of that happening before, I would be inclined to think there is a problem at your 'puters end, and it is not related to the sim itself.
  2. Why would you want to ? as someone one of whose prime job in the Forces was CBRN Warfare, ie detection and decontamination, , I know how damned nasty Chemical warfare is, so i suggest forgetting that rather peculiar idea, and go back to killing and maiming by conventional means alone !!! If you really must cause mass death and destruction , there are of course Nuclear options in the Sim, however the chances are you will blow yourself to the Happy Hunting Grounds along with all the other poor buggers , wildlife, flora, and other unassuming and innocent bystanders !!!
  3. We have been NEEDING an "H" since the Sabres first came out !!!
  4. Templates

    Yes mate I have the original RAF 14 squadron scheme, I am unsure of where it came from now, as I dont see it on here , but I also want to do the MkII/ III marauder that were used buy the South African squadrons Speaking of glitches with the shadows, have you also noticed that there is a decal bleed glitch on the Port rear fuselage, just forward of the tail gun mount, only seems to happen on the port side for some reason, also the other little annoyance is the Starboard side engine, its miles off centre............like this Also the canopy framing on the tailgunners cockpit is wrong fro a Marauder MkI I have no such qualms about plagerism, if someone has a problem they can come speak to me face to face, if they want to mess with a 6' 2" hairy arsed biker that is hehehehehehe There are so many nice WWII and pre war aircraft that are crying out to be modelled on THIS site, they seem to get a little overlooked, we could do with some all new early Spits for a start, and some early 109's would be nice too.
  5. Templates

    They must have been good as they were still in service in Vietnam.
  6. Templates

    A-26 Invader even more so, with the 8 gun nose big ouch if you are on the receiving end of those !! But yes the Marauder is a very handsome beast , the Boston /Havoc were not bad either.
  7. Templates

    Yes A lot of them handle like heavy fighters, and they just look so neat and tidy.
  8. Templates

    Also they are lovely aircraft , I am a big fan of twin engined mediums !!
  9. Templates

    Yes I know Kev, it was a subtle hint for you to pipe up lol. I have most of the available Marauders off of here, and I'm trying to do some new skins and markings , I know there are only 3 main colour schemes for the Aircraft , however I want to fiddle around with them a bit, add weathering, and correct a few of the panel lines etc. here is my initial go, but I want to improve on this if at all possible
  10. Templates

    Yes I know, its do able , but its time consuming and a bit of a bind to be honest, just trying to make my life a little easier mate !!
  11. Templates

    OOh yes that is very nice of you sir !! like I say better than doing the breaking down a skin dance
  12. Does anybody have access to the original templates for the B-26 and the B-25 ? Trying to reverse engineer new templates from just a skin is a real pain in the Botty ! Not impossible as I have done it before, but it is a real nuisance and very time consuming doing it this way, so if anyone has the originals and are willing to let me have a copy, I would be much obliged chaps.
  13. Cheers mate, will give them a test flight later on.
  14. I'll take 'em mate , if they are up for grabs, any decent pilots are appreciated .

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