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  1. RAF Buccaneer 12 Squadron Training Film NATO OPEN GATE 1978

    You just have to love the Brick, a beautiful Aeroplane from any angle ............this is an interesting watch as well
  2. I would agree, I have a super duper ninja pc, with all the bells and whistles, and it makes no noticeable difference to the way SF 2 and FE 2 runs , yes a little bit of ram expansion and a better vid card are certainly helpful, however the differences in performance and efficiency will all be "under the hood" and you will notice nothing at all, so upgrade by all means, as that is no bad thing at all , I cannot comment on re furbed pc's as I have no experience of them, but if that is all you can , or are willing to purchase, then go for it mate .
  3. The Hurricane also had and offset tail fin, so quite common to have non symmetrical airframe layouts in actual fact , probably more common than one would imagine.
  4. DC-3 Cockpits.7z

    Wow !! that opens up possibilities for other multi engined types , as a fair few cockpits are very primitive in comparison to this. Well done my good sir, well done.
  5. C'mon Mr Wrench sir, we are blokes, and we all know real blokes do NOT ever read instructions , for to do so would be un blokey, and far too logical , and we cant be having logic and common sense invading our fav flight sim.....this is why no Females ( or blokettes ) post in here, as they are horribly Locical and ALWAYS read instructions and the like........a ghastly state of affairs if you ask me sir !! Yours truly Major Dennis Bloodnok OBE, MT, MT & MT. CMDR III Armoured Thunderboxes ( RET )
  6. F/A-18 Hornet Quick Aircraft Facts

    Gotta love the Bug
  7. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    Napalm....................Yup Napalm is good , dont wanna go Nuclear on their ass, cos thats probably what caused the buggers to mutate into Waspie hell freaks from Hades in the first place .
  8. Baby steps , dont expect it to all fall into place overnight , even some of us so called experienced skinners/ modders run into road blocks and issues at times , the sim lay out and structure is pretty logical though , and 99.9 times out of 100 the mistake made will be of your own making, but stick with it and you will soon be wasting countless hours and days , bashing away at it , only to realise you spend more time modding/skinning , than actually flying the sim ......be warned !! lol lol lol
  9. Dont know, and also dont care , for to dabble in the skulduggery and black majiks of LODS is heresey , and all practioners of said majiks must be bowed down to and worshipped , or else they get pissed off and tell us off, and sent us to bed without any supper , because we are very naughty boys !!! ......True Story
  10. Which is why Bloody Modders have sunshine glowing from their bum holes , and us mere , and lowly skinners are cannon fodder , and dont get shiny accolades upon our miserable profile icons....just sayin'...I aint bitter.....nosir....not me hahahahahaha
  11. you cant extract lods PERIOD !! ....they are locked to most common mortals , and new lods can only be made by those in the community who commune with evil spirits , and who have access to such arcane and stupidly expensive programs such as 3DS MAX , so unless you are a millionaire , forget about lods !!
  12. I assume you do actually have the CAT extractor dont you ?
  13. just pick a cat file with an aircraft in it , make a folder somewhere you know that is convenient and easy to find , then extract all the files of the aircraft in question ......Lets for arguments sake pick the A4 Skyhawk as that is probably the first one you will come across , you will end up with a metric fuck ton of files , that will be cock pit files , for the different versions of the A4 , skin files and all the other gubbins need to make the whole shooting match operate , then look at all the files , sort them into tc corresponding folders , and you will have all the stuff you need to do your thing.........However , as has now been suggested to you about 2 or 3 times , there is an easier way , ie, just go to the downloads section of this very site , find an aircraft you are interested in , (That is an add on aircraft, of which there are a plethora of , not a a skin file only , download a complete aircraft ) . Then look at the file structure , and it will all become clear how it all works , its actually quite easy , if I can do it , and I'm an ancient ground pounding grunt , I am sure you can then figure out the structure , where everything goes , and will be able to work from that starting point.
  14. From what I understand and the reviews I have both seen and read , the X55 throttle is pretty decent , but the X52 stick is far superior , as for the Warthog.....yeah you need a second mortgage to afford one , however it is most excellent !!
  15. I'm messing with you mate , that being said, the X52 is much better than the 55 .............but only until I can afford a Warthog !!

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