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  1. Oh Yeah baby !! Good job dude !!
  2. Thats what we are so proud of being like on this site matey !!!
  3. Theoretically yes, however getting at least the NA dlc is recommended, however as I said you cannot go far wrong with buying all the expansions, Vietnam, israel, and Europe , then getting all the DLC packs as some add on aircraft are actually dependant on the DLC aircraft, to enable them to work, I have the whole lot myself, and it is a worthwhile buy, even if the Sim is getting on in years . I appreciate not everyone can afford the whole shooting match in one fell swoop, however I would advise buying them all, slowly if that is your only financial option. Go to the Thirdwire site and check if the complete edition is still on sale, worth the money if it is, I would also recommend FE 2 as well also a superb simulation for early aircraft , and well supported by mods on this here site !!
  4. NA expansion is a must have really mate, then again all the add on packs are if you can afford the whole kit and kaboodle, including all the DLC aircraft from the Third Wire site , mot sure if the complete edition is still on sale , but if it is and you can afford it, it is worth a buy !! I dont remember which aircraft are included in the DS mod , however you can find third party modded aircraft and ground equipment in the downloads section of the site here
  5. Works fine on Win 10 , dont hold yer breath on TK pulling his finger out of his bum to release the Win 10 version anytime soon
  6. I do still play FE 2 , though not lately as I am having a break from FE/SF for a little while. Yes I use Edwards Flanders , and most definitely I would use an upgraded terrain as and when it becomes available
  7. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Ok cool !! I wasn't aware , so I am most happy to be corrected
  8. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    These diagrams are a little off aren't they ? if you look at the videos I posted, the outer 3/4 if the tailplane is pivoted, on the outer portion and acts as the elevator to the best of my knowledge the aircraft didn't have this sort of "conventional" elevator arrangement, it was more akin to an all flying tail, and the whole assembly was one continuous structure with no cutouts . Of course I may be wrong and they did utilise this arrangement on later models of the aircraft, however I would be surprised if they did do so , please do correct me if I am in error, as it is all a learning curve, and knowledge is happily accepted , as is me being told I am wrong, one learns through ones errors after all !!
  9. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    I likewise do not use the rifleman, it was merely a suggestion for a possible outcome, I use your Taube for pleasure flying lpersonally lol
  10. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    The RFC and French did fly a few 2 seater variants as well, so if you do mange to do a 2 seater, then we could use Stephens rifleman mod for his Taube .
  11. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Sorry about the previous vid, the bloody commentator had verbal gob poops !! Also that Bleriot is I think a replica, however it displays a different tail profile to the one you are thinking about, maybe it was just the early XI's that had the small rudder/stabiliser ? Anyhow heres another vid of the Shuttleworth Collection Bleriot, which is original, and is the oldest airworth aircraft in the world, although they dont actually fly it per se, rather they do a short hop down the runway, which is understandable really considering its historical significance. Also there are some nice views of the Anzani engine as well at the start of the vid. As a little treat I found this replica Taube as well, I know its unrelated to the topic at hand, however.....................
  12. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    A new one of these would be nice as well for the Galipoli Front
  13. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    horrible things to fly apparently, I watched a talk by a pilot at the Shuttleworth collection, where they have to only flying original Bleriot. At low speeds ( and lets be honest it wasnt exactly quick anyhow ) ie take off, and landing , the controls reversed . You have to admire the likes of Bleriot himself , who flew these nightmares ( although rather beautiful ones ) as none of them had any formal flight training, they just got in the thing and went for it, very brave or very reckless !!
  14. it would need to be re done from scratch, ie. a new model I would have thought. I think its quite an old model isn't it, I dont remember as I havent used it for ages.

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