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  1. Merry Christmas!!

    Happy Brianmas mate !! and to all the rest of you miscreants and reprobates, have a great day, and may the up coming New Year be better than the last one !!
  2. Bit the big one!

    bloody win 10......hate hate hate ! go with a ryzen 5 or 7 the architecture is more forward compatible than the intel processors , an R5 will most likley be adequate, as unless you do a lot of video work you dont need the R7 really but if price isnt an issue just go with the 7 16gb or ram, and 2 drives an ssd for your op system ( sooooo much faster !! ) and a good quality HDD for everything else, a 1060 or equivalent GPU will do the job, 3 gb of vid memeory is enough to be honest, anything above that is not really needed , but its horses for courses, and some peeps like more vid memory, oh and a nice liquid cooling system for the CPU is desirable, and they are cheap and easy to install tnow, not like before when they were complex and awkward. Oh and nothing to stop you installing win 7 as well and dual boot the pc, until win 10 becomes good.
  3. Anatra DS and Anatra C.I updated

    Nice one Mate !!! still working on the skins, had a few computer issues and my vid card has died, so saving for a new one, then I can get back to it
  4. ooooh new Caporetto , and a new Galacia luverley Jubbley !!!
  5. You are welcome mate, however as Wrench said it is usually caused by aircraft models, however I guessed you were using stock aircraft so I ruled that problem out, the major issue I have with pilots casting shadows is sometimes they do just that and you end up with a shadow of a pilot underneath the aircraft , which looks really weird !!
  6. try turning of the has CastShadow=TRUE command for the pilots , its usually that or the shd file for whatever aircraft you are using, most likely the pilot file in this case, pointless having the pilots cast a shadow anyway truth be told, I default turn them off for any and all pilot models, in FE and SF
  7. lol...yes Farmans Taubes and early birds are more of a hurry up and wait kind of deal lol lol lol ............otherwise known as ( taps observer on the shoulder ) "I say old chap, would you be so awfully good as to awaken me , once we reach 1500 feet, theres a stout fellah"
  8. ummmmmm....you have SF2 installed and modded ?...errrrrrrrr.....so why waste HD space on a game optomised for windows xp ( or earlier) yeah hang on to it for a keepsake, but no point in having it on yer machine methunks, I have SF Gold , but it sure aint installed anymore neither is FE1 as I have that also, but I have FE2 so why would I even need to use it, unless I fire up my old pc with xp on it.........but hey its your 'puter mate , use it how YOU want it .
  9. Personally speaking, I always have my default setting to start on runway, dont see the point of starting mid flight , kind of defeats the object of the sim somewhat ( in my opinion , not everyone elses mind you ) the only time I would see the benefit of starting in the air is if you are doing a quick mission/dogfight , and if you just want to fur ball and not fly..........but I'm an opinionated git so sorry to stick my oar in lol.
  10. Yes its nice to see these really early types being put to use, may have to do some skin jobs now, although the idea about new nacelles is one to be borne in mind , asfor the Parasols, not flown them much myself so I am now intrigued to see how dreadful they are, I'm a sucker for lost causes and bad ideas !!! Talking of skin jobs, the glaringly obvious problem with these Farmans is the wings can only be one colour, which is ok for the Fabric CDL ones but if I wanted to do some of the RNAS/RFC types, they seem to be two tone upper and lower colours.
  11. oh thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!!........remove the offending gunner , it was making my eyeballs bleed . so more revisions on the way, to make the aircraft even more horrible to fly ? brilliant, love it !! makes you appreciate what the real pilots had to handle, and with cruddy weather chucked in.....oh my life !! Yeah no wonder life expectancy was so low..........
  12. Have you managed to sort it out ? no one else seems to have had a problem , or at least no one has said so. Are you trying to open the file with Winrar, or are you using another zip file programme ? maybe thats the issue........let me know please as I dont want it to be a problem for you :pilotfly:

  13. Apologies to the OFF users who were hoping this skin was for them , however I inadvertent posted it on the OFF downloads section when I meant for it to go to the FE section, apologies .
  14. View File Austro Hungarian Taube ( Galacia) This is a re do of Stephen 1918's Kondor Taube, specifically in Austrian Markings for the Eastern Front, and as Stephen has just released his updated Galacia Map, I thought it fitting to re skin one of his Aircraft. The First one is actually a skin seen on and Etrich built Taube, and NOT a Kondor, however as we only have the one model, I applied a little artistic licence. I have also added serial numbers, not historically correct for this aircraft, however they look the part, so a little suspension of belief will go a long way !!! also I am unsure if this scheme was a one off on a single airframe, or whether it was done on others, but anyway it looks very Austrian, and a gaggle of them flying together ( when you can actually get any altitude) look very smart and efficient, so all good !! The Second skin is just Stephens original one with new markings . I have also made new hangar and loading screens specific to this Aeroplane. I used a combination of Stephens and Gambits skins , so most of the hard work must go to those worthy souls !! I have also included Von S' Data.ini which makes the aircraft a brute to fly, but that was what they were like, underpowered and SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!! I was going to apply weathering to the skins , but most pictures I have seen of Taubes portray pretty clean aircraft all things considered. I have re done the Engine sound as I wasn't happy with the stock proploop. I have also amalgamated the Armed ( rifle) and grenade armed machines, as I feel that they would have carried both, and no one or the other exclusively . and have therefore put a loadout.ini file in with the aeroplane. everything else is in there sounds, guns pilots etc so it should be plug and play......if I have left anything out please accept my apologies, and blame the weather or the cat, anything but me !! So again thanks and huge shout outs to Stephen, Gambit, and Von S who gave us the original I hope you enjoy this very attractive Aeroplane, even if its hard work to get the best out of it . Submitter trotski00 Submitted 11/17/2018 Category Aircraft Skins  
  15. Totally agree mate for the early war and Palestine where older types stayed in service longer it would be nice to see, and Borts Farmans are ok, but they need an update , and some of the older 2 seaters which have the original FE 1 Gunners in are really ugly looking now , well past their sell by date me thinks !!

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