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  1. Sorry for my negative comments guys, they were made tongue in cheek, a sort of throwing stones into a fishing hole sort of deal, I do not like the aircraft, this is true, so I am merely making fun of it, no offence or annoyance ( well maybe a little) intended.
  2. Time will tell that its crap, should have gone with the Boeing abortion instead, they admitted it was rubbish right from the word go hahahahaha. Sorry, cant help myself, I shall never like the damn thing. but hey ho I wont ever have to fly one so screw it, lets waste our millions of tax spondoolies on it.
  3. It's an F35, who cares, fly a proper aeroplane..........one that works and looks prettier....sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. WOTR Training suggestion

    I tend to agree, as, even though I have flown very little in WOTR up to now ( a trend that SHALL change) it would seem to me that the more complex engine and airscrew management involved, in flying a WWII era aircraft, is quite an involved process. It causes me to have even more admiration, for the young pilots, who, not only had to faff around with pitch, trim, and radiator setting, whilst keeping their heads on the swivel, avoiding being blown out of the sky, and hopefully actually manging to shoot down someone who has no desire to be shot down. how guys who only had 10 hours or less solo in Spitfires or Hurricanes, managed to survive is beyond me. The Germans had a bit of an advantage, as they had been in combat in a lot of cases in Spain, and later Poland and France, so were more experienced. But still, the same applies to the young men of the Luftwaffe as well, flying cover for bombers, with a very limited time over England, must have been rather hairy to say the least.
  5. WOTR Training suggestion

    I must apologise as well as I had misread the title of your post, and I for some reason thought it was actually to do with WOFF/BH&H rather than WOTR, so my bad, however, I still stand behind the statements I made here anyway.
  6. WOTR Training suggestion

    Although I do indeed have WOTR, I haven't yet delved into it much, so I am really not able to comment on that sim. BH&H though, I still feel the Training/Flight Schooling, needs a little more depth to it, I know its not game breaking, and actually not terribly vital, however, it certainly needs some TLC I think.
  7. WOTR Training suggestion

    The Training scenarios are a little 'meh' as they stand, iit would be nice to see some variety in both the missions and indeed the aircraft used, it would be nice to see Farmans, especially early in the war, and maybe 504's too. a short gunnery and bombing class would be nice as well, as those were part of the curriculum in the real world. Also it would be nice to be awarded ones Wings, and the wings be an actual award, instead of something just thrown over the desk to you. I suppose though , in the grand scheme of the Sim, the Training is not very important, except for completionists who want to start from the bottom and work up, as I do.
  8. Vietnam China for me, with Poland coming in after that.
  9. I find that getting into a turning knife fight with the Bis, is counterproductive, the Mig has an advantage in fire power over the Sabre, so slashing attacks is the way to go, The Americans discovered this pretty early on when trying to dogfight the Zero, and it would generally end badly for the USN pilots, when they did. The Sabre is very agile, the Mig isnt a tree trunk either, however, 2 pilots in a Mig doing a zoom and boom on a Sabre, is liable to spoil the Sabre drivers day some, one 37mm hit is not going to be.......err beneficial. plus the round drop on the 37mm is not great, so you need to be up close and personal, but also not hang around for the Sabre pilot to turn in on you.
  10. Merry Christmas

    To you also mate, have a great day.
  11. author author !! I understand the questions from new members, and this is quite a valid one, if a little argumentative, there are more thing "right" with SF, than there are "wrong" even if it is not quite as black and white as that. Also SF cannot be compared to the likes of DCS, or IL Series, as it is a totally different beast altogether, and still, in my humble opinion, the most user friendly, and all-round great flight sims. Long may she reign !!
  12. Further to the discussion here, tank on tank engagements in game are also rather OP as well, if you watch a tank battle, they basically one shot each other, so it isnt just the Avenger, as I said, the sim is older, so the damage mechanics are maybe not optimised to the level you are expecting from SF, as Stratos implied, you seem to be comparing SF to DCS and that is not a fair comparison. SF does pretty much everything well though, but, if one wants to complain about "unrealistic" gun power, then one must also refer to the fact there is also not A to A refueling either, which is also unrealistic. I would suggest you merely except the strictures of the Sim as it is, and live with it.
  13. Point one, this is an old (ish) Flight simulator. Point two, this is not the hyper realistic DCS. Point three, there has to be some poetic/artistic licences taken, as this is a simulator, not real life, the guns in game however, are good, yes maybe your example is on the more extreme end of the scale, also I am not sure of the hitbox/damage box on the A-10 modelled in game, so it is possible that it is down to the damage model of this particular aircraft. Were the rounds incoming from the ground, or from the rear ( engaged by a bogey) Finally, A 30mm round with depleted uranium, will reach out and lovingly caress anything ( within reason) that it wants to, as mentioned above ............... I would agree that armour in some cases is relatively easy in some cases, however, I redirect you to my previous 3 points, rinse and repeat.
  14. UK F-35B down

    The main thing is that the Pilot managed to bang out, However as for F-35, at least they didnt go for the Boeing contender, that was even uglier and even more crap. I see no other alternative for a Carrier aircraft though, unless we buy French !!
  15. UK F-35B down

    Glad the Pilot is ok, dont give a crap about the F-35 though, that can reside in Davy Jones's Locker and rot. Not a fan of the type I fear.

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