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  1. Armchair aces over Italy

    super duper !
  2. Well that is good news, and kudos to him for doing this without any drama, I had a feeling this is the way it would pan out.
  3. ahhhhh ok thank you for the info, not looked at any YAP stuff.
  4. Seems fair to me, I only just have seen the offending links, as I hadn't watched any of the other vids , What is interesting to see on those links is a reference to rising sun, never heard of that one. Anyone know about that content ? just out of interest.
  5. Totally agree with this. As for this, investigate fully and get the whole story, before admin takes any action to ban or not, it would be wrong to go off half cocked, even if the evidence seems to advocate executive action, due process is the only fair way of dealing with this, thats my opinion anyhow.
  6. ahhh not looked at any of those, however I think that maybe he should be given the chance to explain himself ? just a thought, everyone has the right to explain before being castigated , I for one would like to hear his side of the story.
  7. That makes everything as clear as day for this thick old Rockape. Thanks for posting this !!
  8. The Russians thought " Tovarich, our glorious Socialist , Capitalist killer is NOT scary enough, , let us strap missiles on as well , then we can really upset the Capitalist pigs !! "
  9. FE2 - Toggle Landing Gear

    Was going to do that myself later, you saved me the job of seeing if it worked lol
  10. not up on campaign editing, so cant really help you on that, I'm sure someone else can advise you though
  11. not really, if you import an FE aircraft into SF , the FM is all over the shop. Your wingmen do strange stuff, if they even take off at all, its probably relatively simple to sort out, but as i am no rocket scientist when it comes to FM's I dont have a clue, theoretically though one would presume that it should work in either FE or SF , but that is beyond my paygrade.
  12. That has been my thought since forever !! if FE could utilise the same engine for graphics etc as SF has then it would be even more outstanding as a sim, and open up the possibility of doing the prob based stuff over there , I dont have the tech know how to do that though, it needs some of you Voodoo users who do all the techie stuff, and can add 2 and 2 together and not get 3 hehehehe. As for TK....who knows what goes on in his head, but I get a feeling he would be awkward about it.
  13. You realise there is a campaign editor available on the Thirdwire website dont you ? you can adjust everything with that, starting money, your side, and aircraft you fly....go check it out https://store.thirdwire.com/store_dlc.htm

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