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Salute all.


Finally got the gaming rig I always wanted. Now I can fly OFF/BHaH/HiTR. I haven't flown OFF since Phase I was first released and with my old pedal coumputer I struggled to dogfight in slideshows and eventually returned to RB3D, but I kept abreast of developments in OFF, because of the historical immersion aspect and I knew one day I would get my current rig.


In the meantime I inherited a 2nd hand steam powered computer and I took up First Eagles Gold but now I can fly FE2 with all the sliders on full. Its a great sim and I will still fly it but I've been wanting to fly OFF for such a long time and I haven't been disappointed. Its good to be in it again, though I have had to relearn quite a lot.


And I've had to read a lot of advice and knowledge base stuff recently but I haven't found an answer to a current issue regarding a cockpit view.


For someone without Trackir, one of the best aspects of OFF/CFS3 is the ability to move the eyepoint sideways and look over the side of the fuselage. I always thought that was really nifty and can help when taking off.


But I have found that after using Ctrl/Shift/Enter to move to the right, using Ctrl/Shift/Backspace to move left again just creates an interuption to the game with some offer to report an error. The game continues running but I first have to dismiss the offer. I then have to use Ctrl/Shift/Space to recenter the eyepoint.

Is it just me or doesn't Ctrl/Shift/Backspace work anymore?

TIA for any answer.


Other than that I am having a great time in the virtual blue in OFF despite being the lousy combat pilot I am :)


Cheers Grinseed

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Welcome back, sir! I couldn't answer your question, but let me tell you that, with a new rig, you should by all means start scraping pennies together for TrackIR, or something similar! As a lousy combat pilot myself (hence my screen name, a doofus just flying along sure to be shot down sooner or later), well, I don't know how I could be without TrackIR. It gives your poor hands a lot less stuff to do, as well as increases immersion to an incredible degree. If I had to do all that CTRL/Shift/<whatever> stuff, I'd be taking the dirt nap even more frequently than I do now!


What kind of a dream computer did you build? For what I spent on mine last fall, TrackIR wasn't that much more. My specs are in my sig.


Hope you enjoy the forums, this is a great group of people - note too the official OBD forums are now at SimQH. But most of us still keep up with both fora (or is it fori? or forumses?) To many, this feels too much like "home"! But for quicker tech support, SimQH is the place.





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