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This skin pack is intended for use with the F4U-4 included in the F4U pack by Wrench.
They are mostly late 40's to early 50's squadrons and they're not 100% accurate (more like 85% or so).


Squadrons included are:
VF-5B (VF-61)


I've also included 4 new napalm tanks of different sizes in zinc-chromate yellow (just for fun!).


Have fun!


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squadron tail color is wrong for the 300 series modex ... all Corsair squadrons were the 3rd & 4th the of air group, hence blue and yellow. (exept for the 2 squadon MAG on one of the CVLs)


several of those are already covered for the -4 & -4B in KAW, down to BuNums.

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well, I haven't worked on the decals for the F-80s and F-86E/F for about 3 weeks ... BUT


very soon The Real Deal Terrain ™, with it's 100-year spread, 98.6% Geophysically accurate targeting (including NK SAMs), and several completed aircraft -including the -4, -4B, -5NL, AD-2/3/4/4NL will start appering in the SF2 downloads sections. Along with several ships that I HOPE are complete (I mean, the CLs and CVL works in WW2!!). Everyone will, unfortunately, be stuck with a backdated SCB125 Essex, as there's no straight-decked versions freely available (with the gun turrets!)


what this means is, it'll be relased piecemeal, in fits and spurts.

So the majority of the skins you just uploaded will be replaced. Sorry brudda!


as to the -2 Panther ... I'm not sure where it's at, FM wise. But guiseppe did a fantastic job on the lod and cockpit!!

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