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anyone working on updating Operation Darius?

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Anyone working or know that anyone working on update Operation Darius? I'm asking because Operation Darius needs to be updated to latest standard i.e RAF Tornado needs update on the loadout & It seems like the SAM/AAA is too effective I can't even reach the target before I get shotdown by SAM/AAA I can't remember having any trouble with that before the latest patches. Also the carrier ops need updating.

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didn't TK change (yet again) SAM effectivness in the last patch?

Targeting wise, the original release is quite correct -- SAMs are placed where they actually exist.


terrain isssues are caused by people other than me ... it was fine on the original release. The way the map is set up, the NAstyle "carrier zone" really can't exist, as there's no room for it down near Bahrain (where it would actually be) due to proximity to THE WALL.

No CVBG commander worth his stars is gonna pin his boats at the top of the Gulf, surrounded on 3 sides by land, in shallow waters and no sea room

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An updated version of OpDarius is being released very soon. It will bring the mod up to SF2NA standards and provide updates or upgrades to almost all the aircraft.




He didn't say anything about terrain issues. In fact, there were terrain issues in the original release, which you yourself admitted having seen -- i.e., missiles not showing up on Red-side SAM launchers because the terrain was overloaded with launchers and because the Blue-side SAM sites were front-loaded in the TARGETS.INI, effectively neutering the SAM threat.


That problem was largely FIXED in the re-release by reducing the number of the launchers and front-loading the Red-side SAM sites in the TARGETS.INI.


In any case, the updated version should be out in a few days.


Eric Howes

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