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Looking at getting a new HOTAS setup, my various low end thrust master sticks have served well, most recently the T-flight HOTAS, but I am looking to upgrade.


Had my eye on either the Saitek X52 (PRO) or Logitech 940.


The 940's price tag is really pushing what I can or will spend, but the ascetics of the X52 are bit of a turnoff (I do not own any space games or sims).


I have come across a lot of long term reviews of the Saitek, and most of them have been positive. But I have come across information that indicates the system has problems related to the centering, tension, and stick deadzone. The lack of split throttle (additional axis) is somewhat a big draw back for me.


On the flip side, there aren't too many full or long term reviews available for the 940 (outside of "un-boxing" reviews from two+ years ago), which is a bit unsettling . Also I have come across numerous post and complaints about the inner wiring and long-term quality of this system. Love the fact that rudder pedals are included, the large number of buttons and profiles, and the split throttle; however, I do not want to spend such a large sum of money on something that will break in less than year.


Would be nice if I could get mt SUNCOM F-15E Talon and throttle back up and running again. The stick's base was beefy enough for me to mount, on a small stand/crate or to rails on the desk, so I could fly in a "natural" position. And I was looking to mounting my next system (especially if it has screw/drill holes in the base) to a system of angled shelving brackets drilled into my desk.




I know TM's Warthog is considered one of the best (outside of CH), but I can not spend that much.


Any ideas?

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ironroad, I hate to recommend my set up because of the issues you've mentioned; however I've been using a G940 for about two years now, yes there is a (to me) small problem with the reversal bug, but it is still going strong. From what I understand the aforementioned bug is more of a problem if you do a lot of close formation flying, which I do not. Good luck, I hope this helps.

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The 940's biggest problem, the reversal bug, is that Logi doesn't consider it a bug. They claim that is by design, and they refuse to change it or allow it to be changed in the drivers.

On top of that, the drivers are aging and despite reassurances and claims that a newer version is being worked on it's been over 2 YEARS now since the last release. Literally 8/30/2010, or 2 years and about 2 weeks. They've released an integrated driver for some of their things, but the 940 isn't one of them. Of course, the G27 wheel uses the same software and it's working fine...but then it was just in a better state at release.

So, the drivers are functional and other than the reversal bug it works fine, but Logi's treatment of the issue has caused a lot of bad feelings. FWIW I've had a 940 since a couple of months after release. I did have to open the throttle and the rudders to loosen the overly tight wires that were causing spiking in some readings (no idea why there wasn't more slack in the design), but since doing that it's been rock solid.


I have no experience with the Saitek, so I won't comment, you can easily look up other's opinions on that yourself.

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