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  1. I say, RAF now lets in beards!

    I believe someone wants to be a make a nice recruiting poster and say "see look diversity!" But in reality they could care less about it and are only jumping on the bandwagon so they can get an award or promotion. That or the RAF wants to take things back to the 70s.
  2. I miss the F-15's speed, acceleration, and visibility. Even with a full load of ordinance (normally fight with two gas bags on) I can get her to accelerate out of most sticky situations. But Heatblur's F-14 feel so precise. I can take old tom turkey down on the deck fast or slow and feel 100% at ease, despite not having a computer making decisions for me (F-18) or boosting the flight controls (F-15). One thing I can't get the hang of is the amount of drag that gets put on the flight model when above FL20 or when any ordinance is in the tunnel.
  3. It pained me to shoot down so much American equipment...
  4. A new community video is up
  5. Exercise Rear Ingress Part 2...JTAC bustin them all the way to the white meat
  6. I can't wait till they finish up TARPS. Call me a sick bastid, but love to get low and streak through AA taunting the ground below as I image the enemy's naughty bits.
  7. I believe so, they are updating the Latrin code as well.
  8. Exercise Rear Ingress One part of the "Double Penetration Reserve Component Exercises, with the goal of fully inserting National Guard assets into foreign mission partners. Featuring: F-15C Eagles of the 114th Fighter Squadron/173rd Fighter Training Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard. A-10C Thunderbolt II's of the 104th Fighter Squadron of the Maryland Air National Guard. A composite group of F-16Cs from the 495th Fighter Group and 9th Air Force, with personnel from the 169th Fighter Wing and 316th Fighter Squadron of the South Carolina Air National Guard. Finally, HH-60 Pave Hawks from the 129th Rescue Squadron of the California Air National Guard.

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