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  1. Midway remake to start filming in September

    With history comes the good, the bad, and the ambiguous. I'm all for creative license and entertainment and even "what if" history (a lot of "history" that people think and feel they know is actually steeped in myth, propaganda, and legend). But I'm not for taking something and making it entirely revisionist so it fits some type of "modern" feelings or social narrative. Layman's terms: they better not f&^# this up!
  2. A mission editor template I created for the a modern United States Navy Carrier Battle Group (CBG) in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Notes: This template is supposed to represent a current CBG using whatever is available in DCS. Since the game does not have the F/A-18E/F model of the Hornet, legacy "C" model of the hornet is used to fill up the flight deck (since the Navy became an "all Hornet" force with their "Neck-Down" strategy).[/size] *Only F/A-18A+/Cs of the United States Marine Corps are on deck. A carrier air wing may have one or two attached Marine Corps Aviation squadrons of F/A-18s on board (if resources are available) among the 6 to 7 squadron of fixed-wing aircraft assigned to a carrier (usually all F-18s except for the E-2C/D). However, since the USN decided to remove all legacy F/A-18s from front-line and carrier service in early 2018 (due to aircraft age, maintenance, and budget constraints) and the Marine Corps is finally getting replacement F/A-18 A/B/C/D air frames and parts (ex-Navy air frames), I decided to make this an all USMC air wing. *The deck is in a launch and recovery configuration. There are no planes parked on the forward cats (cats 1 and 2). Cats 3 and 4 are also free for use (there are aircraft parked close enough to waist cats to get blown over). *No aircraft or rotors should be over the foul lines. Enough of the carrier's aircraft are gone (i.e. out on a operation) but enough are on deck for immersion. *CH-53Es are on deck for vertical replenishment or troop transport. *The frigate (no USN destroyers in DCS) and cruiser escorts have two anti-ship/anti-sub helos that they can share. The escort ships are arranged in a screen but one can be moved closer for "plane guard" launch or recovery operations via the editor. The file can be found here: [/size]http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3559-uss-john-c-stennis-cbg-template/ Different "modern" eras can be created using the same template. *The EA-6B and MH-60 are the only USN aircraft missing from DCS at the moment. For the late 1990s-early 2000s place one or two F-14 squadrons near the fantail with at least three to four S-3Bs on deck.
  3. Spoiler alert... There are no "jumpcuts", "dubstep", or Ace Combat melodrama, or Michael bay-type things in this video https://media.giphy.com/media/fBzSGPMxD0isw/giphy.gif
  4. A follow-on to my initial video the Effin A Eighteen found here: https://youtu.be/j6GUfQzKxm8 Uhh if you are trying to read the thumbnail...hehe
  5. That is utterly sick! His system must hate him! My thing is how did he avoid collisions? AI is pretty dumb when it comes to flying near other aircraft.
  6. DCS News & Modern Air Combat

    The VNAF only had the F-5A and B (just a tad bit smaller than the Tiger II). Not sure what happened to the modified F-5Cs that the USAF flew in theater, but I believe they were either transferred over to South Vietnam or exported. F-5E did not really go into product till the mid-70s or so, right around the time the U.S. Congress cut all aid to South Vietnam.
  7. DCS News & Modern Air Combat

    Nor was the F-5E, Another thing that gets me is when people put rocket pods and flex-guns on a UH-1H (both in game and in movies) or paint an UH-1H or D in United States Marine Corps livery. First, the UH-1H (the stretched and most powerful single-engine "slick") could carry adapters for rockets and mini-guns, but normally did not. It was used primarily for transport, medivac (Dust Off), or as a command ship (moving VIPs or giving the brass a orbiting aircraft to command movements/action from). It was used primarily by the U.S. Army and ARVN during the Vietnam War. "Short Hueys" The shorter versions of the Huey UH-1B,C,E,F,M and P where used as transports, dedicated gunships (and "Hogs"), aerial rocket artillery (ARA, a gunship that is nothing but rockets and/or grenades), and for special-ops (particularly the M and P). Some Huey gunships were still used after the whirlybird got surgery, took it's hormones, and "transitioned" into the Cobra (though the cobra was faster and could carry more due to streamlining). The Army turned the C into the dedicated gunship/ARA with the M model (beefier engine and components). The Navy used the B (i.e. Seawolf Squadron) and the USMC the E (gunship, spotter, and light duty), and the USAF the F and P (special ops, gunship, and light-duty) *One USAF huey spec-ops pilot received the Medal of Honor. *The Marines only flew the UH-1E during the Vietnam war but most of their troop transport was done by the CH-34, CH-46, and later the CH-53. "Long Hueys" The first long bird was the UH-1D for the United States Army (the Aussies and ARVN used them as well). However, after the United States Army got the "D" (snickering) the acquired the H, and upgraded alot of their "D's" to the H standard. What "short" Hueys that were left in U.S. Army service were primarily used for special duty (i.e. gunship, ARA, or spotter), given to other services (i.e. South Vietnam), or taken out of theater. Later the Corps and the USAF adapted the UH-1N (twin engine long version) and finally the Y (the super-duper Huey) for the USMC.
  8. Never got see or hear a Tornado fly, only saw them on static displays. Probably the loudest aircraft I can remember (and could feel) would be the F-14, followed by the A-6, and then F-4.
  9. By the end of March 2019, one of the world’s most successful, combat-proven, fast jets will have been retired. https://combataircraft.keypublishing.com/2018/01/25/last-year-of-the-tornado-gr4/
  10. Featuring F-15s of the 44th Fighter Squadron, 18th Operations Group, of the Fifth Air Force
  11. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    They beat him like a rented mule! LOL!
  12. Top Gun Maverick

    the need for...tanking?

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