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  1. Good show! I have only managed to get one aircraft kill in an F-5. I crept up on a guy rearming at an enemy airfield and let loose a salvo of ZUNI rockets. He was pissed, I laughed, and then high-tailed it back to the blue side.
  2. Post'em if you got'em! My latest....
  3. Maverick has a new bird...

    Goose is spinning in his grave...oh wait didn't they resurrect him and put him on a television show? RevengER of the Nerds' Northern Regions?
  4. Landed on the wrong carrier

    I'm surprised an F-4 was able to get aboard the Bonhomie Richard The Marine F-4 on the Ark Royal... https://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2014/12/usmc-f-4-phantom-151477-tail-markings-royal-navy-malta/
  5. I just snagged a used GTX 1080 from ebay in anticipation of this bird, upgraded from a GTX 1060. She is running pretty decent now, not that I had any major issues with DCS before other than view distance and shadows killing frames. My major issue has been HDD space. I still have old windows files on one HDD (and 10 is funny about me completely removing an entire old install). Out of sata connectors and I have moved everything I can over to my externals. I know once the F-14 comes, I will probably push the video editing section of my install into overdrive
  6. That was one of my first flights using the weekend trial, for a flight model I must say that ED really polished this one usually their stuff leaves a lot to be desired. I'm still not going to purchase just yet though, as I prefer to have A/G and optical sensors working. I guess my time playing F/A-18 3.0 and Janes F-18E made it pretty easy to hop into and fly, everything seemed pretty familiar.
  7. I normally fly the F-15 with two gas bags at all times, so use to the eagle's power and Pratt & Whitney getting me out of trouble. I know the hornet can also exceed 1:1 in certain regimes, but I guess I lucked out on that occasion. This module's controls are far more responsive than I was expecting, I was trying to avoid pancaking myself on the ground :-D .
  8. Midway remake to start filming in September

    With history comes the good, the bad, and the ambiguous. I'm all for creative license and entertainment and even "what if" history (a lot of "history" that people think and feel they know is actually steeped in myth, propaganda, and legend). But I'm not for taking something and making it entirely revisionist so it fits some type of "modern" feelings or social narrative. Layman's terms: they better not f&^# this up!
  9. A mission editor template I created for the a modern United States Navy Carrier Battle Group (CBG) in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Notes: This template is supposed to represent a current CBG using whatever is available in DCS. Since the game does not have the F/A-18E/F model of the Hornet, legacy "C" model of the hornet is used to fill up the flight deck (since the Navy became an "all Hornet" force with their "Neck-Down" strategy).[/size] *Only F/A-18A+/Cs of the United States Marine Corps are on deck. A carrier air wing may have one or two attached Marine Corps Aviation squadrons of F/A-18s on board (if resources are available) among the 6 to 7 squadron of fixed-wing aircraft assigned to a carrier (usually all F-18s except for the E-2C/D). However, since the USN decided to remove all legacy F/A-18s from front-line and carrier service in early 2018 (due to aircraft age, maintenance, and budget constraints) and the Marine Corps is finally getting replacement F/A-18 A/B/C/D air frames and parts (ex-Navy air frames), I decided to make this an all USMC air wing. *The deck is in a launch and recovery configuration. There are no planes parked on the forward cats (cats 1 and 2). Cats 3 and 4 are also free for use (there are aircraft parked close enough to waist cats to get blown over). *No aircraft or rotors should be over the foul lines. Enough of the carrier's aircraft are gone (i.e. out on a operation) but enough are on deck for immersion. *CH-53Es are on deck for vertical replenishment or troop transport. *The frigate (no USN destroyers in DCS) and cruiser escorts have two anti-ship/anti-sub helos that they can share. The escort ships are arranged in a screen but one can be moved closer for "plane guard" launch or recovery operations via the editor. The file can be found here: [/size]http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3559-uss-john-c-stennis-cbg-template/ Different "modern" eras can be created using the same template. *The EA-6B and MH-60 are the only USN aircraft missing from DCS at the moment. For the late 1990s-early 2000s place one or two F-14 squadrons near the fantail with at least three to four S-3Bs on deck.

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