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Missile Range Simulator - Editing Missile Parameters

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While editing air to air missiles in order to make them behave as realistic as possible, I realized that the supersonic drag is very essential.


I have read that Super 530D has 20-25 Km range in low altitude and a maximum range of 40 Km in high altitude with a top speed of 4.5 Mach.

The factor that shows the missile's performance in a specific altitude is IAS/TAS ratio. This ratio is very close to 1 in low altitude and gradually

decreases in higher altitudes.


My problem is that I can not find the suitable supersonic drag number that should make missile's performance more realistic. For example,

in the Super 530D after some editing I have this:


IAS/TAS ratio 0.86 (10,000 feet) gives 30 Km range but when the ratio is set to 0.61 (30,000 feet) it gives 75 Km range. This is about 30 Km

longer than the real maximum range.


Maybe this is normal for the missile range simulator but it's not normal when talking about a realistic missile performance. Maybe I have made

a mistake during the editing.


Any ideas on how to solve it?



Edited by tiopilotos

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increase supersonic drag? since in high altitude the missile spends more time at high mach

but dunno.... double the range for a high alt shot seems quite reasonable


a fm guru will have better answer for sure, just thought to get the ball rolling

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