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Convert Max 2011 to Max 2009.

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Is there a way?


as most of the Engine's Im working with now require Max 2011/2012 for plugins or functions, I've started to do most of my workflow in Max 2011.


is there a way to take a completed project/model and convert it to max 2009 without losing the texture maps (i can re-do animations easily so that's not an issue.)


I really dont want to have to export a completed project to .3ds and start over again.


i wonder if I can get TW's exporter to work in Max 2011-32Bit.




Edit: Nevermind, Exporting as 3ds from 2011 preserves UV Coordinates, all I have to do is import materials and assign them to meshes, check linking and animations and done.

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Export from Max2011 to .3ds, Retain MAX UV Coordinates. Right Down the Values for the Materials (Specular/Reflection whatever).


Import .3DS into Max 2009, Import The Texture Maps into the Material Editor, Highlight the parts for a Material, Drop and go.


only tested so far with WIP Models with very low Mesh counts, and Not models with A TON of Maps.

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Why the hell would you export as .3ds which triangulates and messes up your smoothing group when you can just export the scene as .fbx instead and get everything including animation rigs, controllers etc.

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