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The aircraft that I’m making has a strange problem. If I start in the air everything is OK, but if I start on the runway the cockpit view is sort of above the aircraft,untill takeoff then it moves up to the correct position. I tried changing the mesh names for the aircraft ,

Cockpit = CabinPit

Aircraft = Cabin

Their basically the same mesh.

This is for 06 patch, For the 08 and above model version that I’m doing I can use the “OpenCockpit=TRUE”

Any fix for the 06 or ?

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I remember having this problem with my PC-9A cockpit. In the end it was that the cockpit position in the _Cockpit.ini file was too low for the sim to allow while the aircraft was on the ground. Changing the position may not affect the view of the aircraft from within the cockpit depending on the severity of the reposition once airborne.



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Thanks Dels, After testing I'm just stuck with it.The aircraft is a highwing and alot of wing meshes had to be added to the pit to prevent clipping, Opencockpit won't work for 08/ patch either.Soooooo... in the end it still looks good. Also I think the Cessna 206 did the same thing.

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Try this, I had the same issue when making the Catalina floats.












Hope it'll help : )

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