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SF2 Korean War Era PLAAF/NKPAF MiG-15

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SF2 Korean War Era PLAAF/NKPAF MiG-15

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SF2 Korean War Era PLAAF/NKPAF MiG-15


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged, =PLUS= SF2I Expansion Pak 1 (Required!!!) =


*Note: You =MUST= have SF2:I Expansion Pak 1 to gain access to the MiG-15. If you don't have it, downloading this mod will do you no good, as you won't have the aircraft it's intended for*


A small reskin/decal mod for the stock 3W MiG-15 (no suffix) Fagot-A, in PLAAF markings of the 72 GvIAP. Which we all know, of course, was "actually" North Korean, flown by "advisors" from the Soviet Union <grin>.

It represents the first operational PLAAF/NKPAF Squadron for the MiG, which scored the first air-to-air kills against UN forces in Korea.


Skins maps are in jpg format, decal randomization is TRUE.


Included are modifided data, loadout and main inis (along with my PatentPending 'xMiG-15.ini' that allows for easy restoration to flyable status, after patching or game-generated random re-writes). A 'new' seat and my 'PilotER' figure are included, as well as new sounds. Stary's cockpit as well is here for you flying pleasure (with a repainted gunsight tga for those of us with Old Eyes ™). A Hangar screen is NOT included. The canopy opens via the Usual Suspect ™ keystroke, Shift/0.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. Just for fun!


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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Nice. Actually PLAAF insignias were displayed a very short time, from Nov 1 to Nov 30, 1950. From Dec 1, 1950 all MiGs(VVS and PLAAF)displayed only KPAFAC insignias. Like Soviet MiGs, insignias were carried in fuselage, underwings but not in upperwings. The PLAAF changed at the last months of the war and the MiGs display the title CVP in the front fuselage area(Chinese People's Volunteers). Also from Dec 1, 1950 the 50th IAD(177th IAP and 29th GIAP)introduced the MiG-15bis. The old MiGs with the RD-45F engine and the small airbrakes were transfered to the PLAAF but with the arrival of the Kozedub Div, the 324th IAD, by Feb 1951 some were also taked in service, because there was not enough new MiG-15bis.

By May 19, 1951 a new batch of Bises arrived(Novosibirsk built),16 jets, and the old MiG-15s went back to the 151th IAD(The training Div for the PLAAF with the 72th and 28th GIAP). Finally the last old MiG-15s went to the fresh formed first North Korean Division, the 435th IAD and his first operative regiment the 447th, by Oct 6, 1951. The PLAAF start to take delivery of the first MiG-15bis later in the war, in October 1952 and the jets were only assigned to the two most skilled Div, the 3th, 4th FAD and a few for the 12th . The others continued to fight with the old MiG-15s. With the new MiG-15bis the PLAAF finally autorized this divisions to engage and fight F-86s, all others remained as before, only autorized to engaged fighter bombers.

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